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Israeli Water is Bug-Free
by Rav Moshe Vaie

Summer 5764 (2004)

A Jew residing in New York bought Chasalat-brand lettuce from Eretz Yisroel and, following the instructions, washed the leaves well. As an extra precaution, after washing them he held the leaves up to the light by a window to examine them and saw that small insects remained on the leaves. He washed them again, and again found the same phenomenon — and even after a third washing.

Lulav Shortage Worsens; Cartel Suspected
By Betzalel Kahn

The dire shortage of lulavim in the Daled Minim market continues despite permission by the Ministry of Agriculture to import 600,000 lulavim from Egypt and Jordan. Half of these shipments have yet to arrive and the 300,000 lulavim brought into Eretz Yisroel are being controlled by a cartel trying to monopolize the Daled Minim market.

What You are Missing

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Vaad Cites Follow-Up Studies of Converts after Steep Rise
by Betzalel Kahn

The Conversion Department at the Prime Minister's Office issued an alarming press release boasting about 5765 "figures indicating a large rise in the number of converts."

5765 — Quietest Year of Intifadah
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

According to state security figures since the Intifadah began five years ago, 5765 was the quietest year, with six suicide attacks compared to 13 in 5764.

Al Qaeda's Plan to Take Over the World
By A. Ben Aharon

For the first time, al Qaeda's grand plan to take over the world and turn it into one big Muslim country has been exposed by a Jordanian journalist named Fouad Hussein who recently published a book on al Qaeda and its machinations. The book is based on a series of interviews with ranking members of the organization.

Religious Soldier Forced to Trample on Tallis
By Betzalel Kahn

Another anti-religious scandal rocked the IDF when the commander of a training course forced a religious soldier to tread on a tallis during a lesson on "values." The soldier suffered from shock and sought psychological assistance. In another serious incident a commander in a military jail shaved the beard off a chareidi bochur inducted against his will.

The Recent Wedding on Allenby Bridge
by M. Chevroni

Twelve Jews. Twelve followed by no zeros. That's the total Jewish population in the Muslim country they call home, a country that has very little love for the State of Israel. The kehilloh is dying. The entire young generation consists of one young man and one young woman who decided to get married.

Degel HaTorah's Rabbinical Committee Meets to Discuss Chareidi Education
By Betzalel Kahn

Members of Degel HaTorah's Vaad HaRabbonim, who were appointed by Maran HaRav Eliashiv, shlita, to keep watch over the purity of chareidi education in Eretz Hakodesh, met in Bnei Brak to discuss a series of topical issues.

"I Translated the Kitzur Shulchan Oruch into Russian"
By Binyomin Y. Rabinovitz

A few weeks ago the Jewish world was up in arms when the Moscow State Prosecutor announced that he was opening an investigation of the Kitzur Shulchan Oruch. The scandal made headlines in the Israeli media and abroad, and even nonobservant Jews came out against the announcement.

Prefab Structure Brought in to Serve as Beis Knesses Chanichei Hayeshivos in Ramot Beit
By Betzalel Kahn

A new beis knesses was started in Jerusalem's Ramot Beit for the Chanichei Hayeshivos kehilloh when a temporary prefab structure arrived recently. The congregants recently made a round of visits to gedolei Yisroel shlita, including Maran HaRav Eliashiv, HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman and HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, to receive their blessings for success in expanding the bounds of kedushoh in the neighborhood.

Shabbos Shuvoh Droshos Included Warnings to Avoid Unapproved Cell Phones
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Following requests by Vaadas HaRabbonim LeInyonei Tikshoret rabbonim and kehilloh heads included in their Shabbos Shuvoh droshos warnings against cell phones without kashrus seals and prefixes reserved for approved models.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Statement Issued
by M Plaut and Yated Ne'eman Staff

The on-again off-again meeting between Israeli prime minister Sharon and PA leader Abu Mazzen seems to be definitely off after a meeting on Monday produced a joint statement by the Israeli-Palestinian steering committee chaired by Dov Weisglass and Saeb Erekat.

HaRav Yehuda Lebovitz, zt"l
by HaRav Shimon Asher Goldberg
Prepared by Ze'ev Breier

Today with great sorrow and deep pain we accompany to his resting place a cherished brother in faith and an esteemed member of our beit knesset in Bayit Vegan. "Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, and your judgments are like the deepest depths." (Tehillim 36:7).

Ravitz: "Suddenly Everyone Has Begun to Talk About Poverty"n
by G. Kleiman

"I get the impression the red light of poverty in Israel has lit among the policy makers and everyone is talking about poverty. I am a bit wary of the talkers. Every pair of MKs has a plan of their own.

Siyum on Completion of Writing of Commentary on Shas
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

siyum on Shas is not a common event, even in Jerusalem, but soon Rav Shalom Shmuel Udwin will be celebrating a siyum on the completion of writing the Birchas HaTorah Series, a commentary on Shas. This unusual event will take place, iy"H, 7:30 p.m. Thursday evening, 24 Tishrei 5766 (27 October 2005) at Yeshiva Ohr HaChaim at Rechov Ezra 1 (at the corner of Rechov Yechezkel) in Geula. Gedolei Yisroel will be in attendance.

Mezuzas Fixed at Talmud Torah Zichru Toras Moshe in Jerusalem
By Betzalel Kahn

MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni and Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Rabbi Uri Maklev fixed mezuzas at a dedication ceremony for Talmud Torah Zichru Toras Moshe in Jerusalem. Administrators HaRav Akiva Horowitz and the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Bircas Moshe, HaRav Avrohom Mendelson, hosted a tour of the talmud Torah for Rabbi Gafni and his assistants, Rabbi Moshe Shiffman and Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg, along with Rabbi Maklev and his assistant, Rabbi Yisroel Klarman.

Blue Line Buses to Begin Operating in Jerusalem Next Year
By S. Fried

During a ceremony for the signing of financial agreements for Jerusalem's light-rail system a new Blue Line was announced. The special express line will connect Gilo to Ramot via Rechov Keren Hayesod, King George, Strauss, Kikar HaShabbat, Yechezkel, Shmuel Hanovi and Har Chotzvim with special buses that will have priority at traffic lights.

The Israeli Army in Jenin
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

In the summer '63 edition of the journal Azure (#15) is a detailed analysis of Israeli warfare as conducted last spring in Jenin compared to other, similar military conflicts. The article is entitled "Urban Warfare and the Lessons of Jenin," and was written by Yagil Henkin.

Sophisticated Visitor Center Under Construction in Modi'in Illit
By A. Cohen

A unique center will be set up in Modi'in Illit by the Ministry of Infrastructures where visitors will be able to get a look at the local sewage system completely enclosed in an 18-meter-high building, one of the world's largest and most sophisticated sewage systems of its kind. Visitors will be able to see how the pumping and water-delivery systems operate in an entirely sterile environment.

Efrat Opens Branch in Argentina
By Betzalel Kahn

Following an eight-day visit to Buenos Aires by Efrat Chairman Dr. Eli Y. Shusheim the organization decided to open a branch in the city.

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