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Prefab Structure Brought in to Serve as Beis Knesses Chanichei Hayeshivos in Ramot Beit

By Betzalel Kahn

A new beis knesses was started in Jerusalem's Ramot Beit for the Chanichei Hayeshivos kehilloh when a temporary prefab structure arrived recently. The congregants recently made a round of visits to gedolei Yisroel shlita, including Maran HaRav Eliashiv, HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman and HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, to receive their blessings for success in expanding the bounds of kedushoh in the neighborhood.

In recent years a transformation has been taking place in Ramot Beit as more and more chareidi families move in and other residents move out. After Ramot Alef and Ramot Gimmel were populated by thousands of chareidi families years ago, Torah is now coming to Ramot Beit. Recently the bnei Torah public has begun to purchase apartments in the neighborhood, but as in every new chareidi population center these families encounter numerous difficulties.

The neighborhood kindergartens are in a state of crisis although kindergarten classrooms belonging to government and government-religious schools stand unused. The neighborhood's chareidi residents must also contend with a dire shortage of land for the construction of botei knesses and in the meantime they often have to walk far from home to join a minyan.

Recently the local avreichim organized the setup of Beis Knesses Chanichei Hayeshivos, but lacking a suitable place to hold tefillos and after all attempts by city councilmen to find an appropriate site in one of the neighborhood's public facilities failed, the avreichim decided to bring in a used prefab structure, which is really too small to accommodate the dozens of avreichim who have moved into the neighborhood.

Just days after the structure was placed in a location where it disturbs no one, complaints began to arrive from neighbors and the city's legal department instructed Antiquities Authority inspectors and City of Jerusalem inspectors to issue the gabboim an eviction notice.

Residents asked the municipality to cancel the eviction notice, claiming that without an alternative location to hold tefillos there is no choice other than to allow the prefab structure to remain until a suitable permanent solution for the beis knesses is found.

The offices of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor came to their aid and the Mayor told city officials to find a quick and suitable way to assist the beis knesses.

The City of Jerusalem says the municipality has accompanied the kehilloh from the start and even held several tours and meetings to locate a site to build the beis knesses. Nevertheless City Spokesman Gidi Schmerling says the neighborhood was not originally zoned for the chareidi public, which makes it difficult to find appropriate building lots. The City also says the Administration for Religious Facilities is working to block the eviction until a solution is found and to alter the Urban Building Plan to add space for botei knesses in the neighborhood.


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