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5765 — Quietest Year of Intifadah

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

According to state security figures since the Intifadah began five years ago, 5765 was the quietest year, with six suicide attacks compared to 13 in 5764.

Fifty-seven Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks in 5765, ending with Sasson Nuriel Hy"d, who was kidnapped and murdered shortly before Rosh Hashonoh by a Hamas cell from Ramallah.

According to IDF figures, during the course of the entire Intifadah 1,060 Israeli have been killed and over 6,089 injured in 26,159 terrorist attacks. Since September, 2000 terrorist organizations executed 144 suicide attacks that caused the deaths of 515 Israelis and 3,428 injuries.

Security officials attribute the decrease in terrorist activity during the past year to the abatement declared in January shortly after the death of Yassir Arafat and Abu Mazzen's rise to power.

"The year 2005 was definitely the turning point," said Jerusalem District Police Commander Ilan Franco, summarizing the year's terrorist activity in Jerusalem, which used to be a focus for terrorist attacks. "We marked a year without a large-scale attack in the city. The last large-scale attack here was in September of last year. The city is still under great threat, but it must be noted that there are no concrete warnings."

On January 5, 2005 the tehadiya ("pacification") was declared, which Abu Mazzen is trying to use to rein in terror and improve the security situation through an agreement with the resistance organizations. Three thousand five hundred and thirty terrorist attacks were carried out between September 2004 and September 2005, killing 57 Israelis and wounding 516 others, compared to 3,877 attacks in the fourth year of the conflict when 135 Israelis were killed and 567 were injured. Twenty percent of Israeli terror victims during the current conflict were involved in attacks from East Jerusalem: 186 deaths and 1,171 injuries.

Another significant shift in the characteristics of the conflict occurred with the disengagement on September 15th, when the Jewish settlements were evacuated and military forces withdrawn from the entire Gaza Strip, including the Philadelphi Road.

Anarchy descended on the Gaza Strip soon after Israel's withdrawal. Within a matter of days 3,000 rifles, nearly a million and a half bullets, over 150 projectiles and rockets, hundreds of pounds of explosives and dozens of pistols were smuggled in from Egypt.

On September 23, 2005 a mishap took place and during a Hamas march in Jabaliya: a vehicle carrying Kassam rockets exploded, causing the deaths of 19 Palestinians. Despite the Hamas' direct responsibility for the incident, the organization blamed Israel and launched 40 rockets on Negev settlements during the course of a single night.

This represented the opening shots of Operation First Rain, during which IDF forces attacked Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza and executed targeted assassinations against ranking figures in the two organizations. Over 400 terrorists were arrested.


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