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Sophisticated Visitor Center Under Construction in Modi'in Illit

By A. Cohen

A unique center will be set up in Modi'in Illit by the Ministry of Infrastructures where visitors will be able to get a look at the local sewage system completely enclosed in an 18-meter-high building, one of the world's largest and most sophisticated sewage systems of its kind. Visitors will be able to see how the pumping and water-delivery systems operate in an entirely sterile environment.

Infrastructures Ministry Director-General Mr. Eli Ronen recently visited the city, accompanied by Mr. Yaakov Tzemach, director of the Sewage Administration, and Eli Megiddo of the Director-General's office. Ronen was hosted by Council Head Rabbi Yaakov Gutterman. The Director-General and the guests toured the city and were impressed by the construction of the project and the rate of progress. During the tour they discussed various matters associated with the projects and the construction schedule.

The highlight was a visit to the sophisticated local sewage system. Rabbi Gutterman and City Council professionals said that the project is scheduled to cross Highway 443 within six months. They also discussed an eventual connection with the Ayalon Aqueduct and the setup of a water and sewage corporation under the local council.

The advanced sewage-treatment facility includes water- delivery and gravitational lines running a distance of 20 km from the city to the Ayalon Aqueduct. Two of the three pumping stations planned will be located inside Modi'in Illit to delivery the raw sewage to the main plant located in Nachal Modi'in, which runs beneath the town of Chashmonaim.

The main plant is unusually large due to the heavy pressure— nearly 8 atmospheres—on the sewage lines at the point of entry about 5 meters below the surface after crossing the wadi. The water-delivery pumps are also about 4 meters high. All this requires a large cavity and expanse to allow for maintenance needs. Therefore a closed structure will be built with all of the equipment inside.

The facility starts ten meters below ground level and extends eight meters about the surface. It is the equivalent of a seven-story building. The unique structure, which includes water-delivery pumps and other equipment, allows close-up views of the sewage system in operation, promising to make the site a uniquely interesting site for visitors.

Also participating in the meeting with the Ministry Director- General were Deputy Councilman Rabbi Gidon Hakohen, Council Treasurer Avi Aden, Engineer Aryeh Pe'er and Infrastructures Commissioner Eitan Barda.


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