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UN Refuses to Hand Over Unedited Videotape
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The United Nations refused to hand over an unedited videotape that may shed light on the October 2000 kidnappings of three IDF soldiers by Hizbullah, but it said that it would hand over an edited tape, despite Hizbullah threats.

Yated Celebrates Ten Years in Australia
By Yossi Frommer, Australia

These weeks mark the tenth anniversary of Yated Ne'eman reaching the shores of Australia. Tens of thousands (!) of copies have been distributed over the years, bringing the views and news of Torah to Australian Jewry.

Major Demolition Effot in East Jerusalem
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Jerusalem Municipality bulldozers demolished 14 houses being built illegally in the Shuafat refugee camp near Pisgat Zeev. Backed by several hundred border policemen and security officials, municipal bulldozers took nearly four hours to demolish the structures. It was the biggest demolition campaign in the city's Arab neighborhoods in recent years.

Tel Aviv Area Warned Against Drinking Tap Water on Monday
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Hundreds of thousands of residents in the Dan region, including Tel Aviv, were told on Monday night not to drink tap water, even after it had been boiled. The orders were given by the Health Ministry after Mekorot reported serious contamination. By Tuesday morning, residents of Tel Aviv and other areas were allowed to drink boiled water, and it was expected that restrictions would be further eased in the course of the day.

Jewish Graves Threatened by the Church of Scotland
by S. Fried

A standoff is currently taking place at the site of the ancient Jewish graveyard in the holy city of Tiveria. The scenario is different this time, however. The chareidim are not confronting archaeologists this time. On the other side stands the Church of Scotland.

Security Increased at Airport; Plan to Get there 4 Hours Early
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Huge traffic jams have been backing up traffic in recent days at the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport, due to a security clampdown at Ben Gurion International Airport intended to prevent terrorist attacks.

Agreement on Har Nof Shul
by Betzalel Kahn

At the end of negotiations which continued for a number of days, the representatives of the synagogue on Zerach Barnett Street in Har Nof and the representatives of the Israel Land Administration reached an agreement regarding the erecting of a synagogue not far from the site of the demolished one.

London Jewish Community Targeted By Serial Arsonist
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

In the past five weeks, the Jewish community of the Stamford Hill section in north London, has suffered six separate attacks -- described by police as racially motivated -- in which the front doors of homes have been sprayed with petrol and set alight.

Tone Down the Music
by Eliezer Rauchberger

This past Monday (18 Tammuz), at a preliminary reading, the Internal Affairs Committee of the Knesset approved a proposal presented by MK Yuval Steinetz of the Likud. This proposal prohibits excessive noise at celebration halls and obligates hall proprietors to install decibel gauges so that the noise level can be measured.

Rabbi Gafni: "High Court to Blame For Lack of Constitution"
by Eliezer Rauchberger

"The High Court is to blame that there is no constitution in Israel," said Rabbi Gafni. He spoke these words at a deliberation in which Knesset members argued with Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit who opposes the establishment of a constitutional court. Aharon Barak, the Chief Justice of the High Court, is the main opponent of the plan.

Observations: List of Phony Food Colorings
by N. Katzin

For some reason anti-food coloring radicals, or just misguided people, are distributing an entirely unfounded "List of Dangerous Food Colorings."

Motorcycles for Hatzoloh
by A. Cohen

At a very impressive ceremony, held last week in Grand Hall in Bnei Brak, two new motorcycles which were donated to the Hatzoloh organization were placed on display. The motorcycles were contributed by the Ofer Motorcycle Importers Company and the Hadad family.

Arabs Try to Attack a Shul in Carteille, France -- Renewed Antisemitism in France
by Arnon Yaffe, Paris

Arab youngsters tried to attack a shul in Carteille, on the outskirts of Paris on Shabbos parshas Nosso. Dozens of them cordoned off the shul in the port district, beat Jewish children, shouted antisemitic comments at the people in the shul, and threatened to burn it down. The police was alerted, but did not turn up. Jewish youngsters organized self-defense groups and expelled the Arabs.

Laser Speed Monitor Controversy to Reach High Court
by S. Fried

The next -- and perhaps the final -- step in the controversy over the reliability of the laser speed-distance device will be a deliberation in the High Court. After Judge Amnon Strashnov of the Tel Aviv District Court charged three drivers with speeding, basing the charges on data from the laser monitor and thus overturning the innocent verdict of the Ramleh and Petach Tikvah courts, the case is going to the High Court.

Rabbi Gafni Protests Discrimination Against Religious Prisoners
by Eliezer Rauchberger

Mitzvah-observant prisoners suffer discrimination in prisoner rehabilitation programs. This came to light at a deliberation of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee on 13 Tammuz.

Renewal of Rent Subsidies
by Betzalel Kahn

The Finance Minister has instructed the Housing Ministry to resume rent subsidies for couples during their first three years of marriage. Grants will be available from the 24th of Tammuz for those with 1,400 points. Applicants will not have to undergo entry tests.

Concern Voiced by Aguda Over Proposed NYC Rule
by B. Isaac

A proposed amendment to the New York City Administrative Code that could have the effect of forcing employees of schools across the city , including yeshivos, to summon the police whenever there is a physical altercation between students or a pilfering of property has prompted objection by Agudath Israel of America.

HaRav Alter Pinchos Farber zt"l
by S. Bruchi

HaRav Alter Pinchos Farber, zt"l, was unique in his character traits, his achievements, and his Torah greatness. He single-handedly published the writings of several Torah giants through yegi'oh and omol. The thousands of Bnei Brak residents who accompanied him on his last earthly journey on erev Shabbos parshas Bolok appreciated his greatness, and deeply mourned the loss of this 51 year-old ben aliya who was niftar after much suffering.

Rabbanit Shoshanna Eidelman o"h
by Sara Finkel

Only two short months ago, on the seventh of Iyar, Rabbanit Shoshanna Eidelman left this world for her eternal resting place. She was the guiding light of Ohel Chava, a home for girls in Jerusalem, almost since its inception.

Kosel Stones Repaired
by Betzalel Kahn

The Religious Affairs Ministry has allocated a sum of NIS 130,000 in order to proceed with the repairing of some of the Kosel's stones which are on the verge of falling out.

A History of Tiveria's Ancient Jewish Cemetery
by S. Fried

Tiveria is one of the four holy cities of Eretz Yisroel with almost uninterrupted Jewish settlement. For many generations, the city was a preferred burial site for Jews from the Diaspora who wanted to be buried in Eretz Hakodesh. For long periods of time, Jews were forbidden to live in Yerushalayim and Hevron, while Tsefat was quite inaccessible, up the mountain.

Novardok's Austere Past as witnessed by the Lokva Rebbi zt"l
by A. Cheifetz

Rebbi Tsvi HaCohen Turnheim, the Lokva Rebbi, passed away about two months ago. Yated's Rabbi A. Cheifetz interviewed the late Rebbi shortly before his passing.

Observations: Interfering With the Biological Clock Shrinks the Brain
by P. Moses

Airplane pilots are generally considered highly qualified and talented professionals, yet recent studies conducted in London showed their brains might actually be smaller: according to the results of a study of flight crews from several airlines, long flights and jet lag can cause the brain to shrink.

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