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Security Increased at Airport; Plan to Get there 4 Hours Early
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Huge traffic jams have been backing up traffic in recent days at the entrance to Ben Gurion Airport, due to a security clampdown at Ben Gurion International Airport intended to prevent terrorist attacks.

Recently, vehicles have had to wait from one to two hours at the airport entrances. Some passengers have abandoned their vehicles for fear of missing their flights.

The Israel Airports Authority has advised those flying overseas to plan to arrive at the airport four hours before takeoff, in view of the rigorous security checks at the entrances and check-in counters.

Transportation Minister Ephraim Sneh said the heightened security followed the receipt of information of a specific nature on planned attacks. He did not elaborate, but Israel Radio later said the threat was of a potential car-bomb attack.

Security guards at the two main entrances to the airport thoroughly checked each car and person entering, causing a nerve-racking backup. Traffic into the airport was lined up in two lanes from the entrances, along the freeway exits, and out onto the main highways for kilometers.

"The police generally act according to a local situation assessment, renewed every few days," a Central District police officer said. "According to this assessment, it was decided to increase security at the entrances for the next few days."

The Israel Airports Authority said dryly in a statement that because of increased security measures, "a significant extra burden will be felt at the entrances to Ben Gurion Airport."

Authority spokesman Pini Schiff said the new precautions would be in effect "from time to time" and advised travelers to arrive at the airport four hours before their flights, an hour earlier than usually required.

It was the first time that increased security had been felt at the airport during the current nine months of disturbances.


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