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My Child is Bored
by A. Ross

Children are not born bored. Their eyes and ears are wide open to explore this wonderful world full of adventures. Their fingers are into everything, as all mothers know only too well. This is exploration, it is certainly not boredom. Some mothers have told me that the word `bored' is not part of the vocabulary in their house. So how can we prevent this frequent whine of "What shall I doooo?"

N.J. Legislature Mandates Insurance Coverage for Childless Couples
by B. Isaac

In a legislative move that is being hailed as "a major breakthrough" by Orthodox Jewish activists in New Jersey and on the national scene, both houses of the New Jersey state legislature have passed a bill requiring insurance companies in the state to provide coverage for infertility treatments.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Anemia can sometimes occur even without blood loss. It is definitely true that there are individuals out there who live quite well with a low blood count. That is fine if it is known that that has been the situation all their lives. Therefore if you are one of these individuals, please make your doctor's life easier by remembering your blood count.

Helping in the House

by R' Zvi Zobin

Little Reuven seemed like a regular, intelligent child, yet he was so listless and lacking in initiative. Rebbe Yaakov questioned his parents about how Reuven behaved at home.

"Oy, Ima, It Hurts!"
How to react when a child tells you something is bothering him

by Menucha Fuchs
Parenting counselor, author of dozens of books for children and adults

How would we want others to react when we tell them about something that hurts us, how someone insulted us, or how disappointed we were concerning an important matter? It's easier to say how we wouldn't want people to react, but we can also try to pinpoint how we would like others to respond. In order to better understand our children, our reaction towards our children's feelings should be based on the response we would like to experience in similar circumstances.

An Original Approach to Marriage and Other Personal Relationships
"What Did You Say? -- Making Yourself Understood in Marriage -- A Jewish Perspective"

by Rabbi Simcha Cohen
Reviewed by Yonina Hall

New books on the subjects of sholom bayis and interpersonal communciation appear every season at English language bookstores. This year, a new entry shines in its own right as a most refreshing and novel approach to marital and other personal relationships.

Reflections On a Shiur
In Memory of Mrs. Tzippa (Carol) Weinberger zt'l

by S. C.

There was no time to say thanks for the wonderful shiur you gave us -- all of us who still remember it like the back of our hands... Just a few parting words.

The Shidduch
by Sudy Rosengarten

Part II

Synopsis: Naomi, twenty-five, tall, talented and still single, moves in with Ruth and Aharon, who are determined to exit her -- married. Shadchonim, the old-fashioned ones, abound, but the two reject their suggestions, one by one.

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