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Agreement on Har Nof Shul
by Betzalel Kahn

At the end of negotiations which continued for a number of days, the representatives of the synagogue on Zerach Barnett Street in Har Nof and the representatives of the Israel Land Administration reached an agreement regarding the erecting of a synagogue not far from the site of the demolished one.

As a result of an agreement reached between the sides, and mediated by the Religious Affairs Minister Asher Ochana, a similar structure will be erected near the site of the previous synagogue. It will remain intact until a permanent arrangement is made. At the same time, progress on building a permanent synagogue for the residents of the area is making headway.

On Shabbos kodesh parshas Bolok thousands of Har Nof residents participated in a massive Musaf service on Zerach Barnett Street to protest the scandalous removal of its shul.

On 13 Tammuz, Israel Land Authority workers stormed a prefab building (caravan) that had been placed on Zerach Barnett Street to serve as a shul for the street's hundreds of residents. They brutally demolished the shul that had been placed opposite the home of Authority Director, Shlomo Ben Eliyahu, following a brief legal struggle. The Police used excessive violence against local residents protesting the removal of the shul.

Following this incident, the Har Nof rabbonim requested that neighborhood residents participate in a massive Musaf service on Shabbos parshas Bolok on the site of the former shul.

This kiddush Hashem was attended by numerous residents seeking to protest the brutal removal of the shul, as well as to show solidarity with shul members who lost their place of tefilloh.

Scores of minyonim were held on the site. People from all the neighborhood shuls streamed to Zerach Barnett Street to daven in their individual nuscho'os. By their very presence, they demonstrated their strong objections to the loss of the shul.


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