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Yated Celebrates Ten Years in Australia
By Yossi Frommer, Australia

These weeks mark the tenth anniversary of Yated Ne'eman reaching the shores of Australia. Tens of thousands (!) of copies have been distributed over the years, bringing the views and news of Torah to Australian Jewry.

Yated still remains the largest selling religious paper in Australia. Most of the sales are through subscription. The Yated is also available at the local news agent, Kosher shop and convenience store.

Over the years the airlines who fly direct to Israel from Australia have stopped flying from Melbourne. This has prevented the Yated from arriving on Thursday as it used to: when British Airways stopped flying to Melbourne it wasn't possible to get the Yated to Australia before Shabbos. So for nearly a year the Yated has been distributed a week later.

A few months ago British Airways resumed flying to Melbourne and the Yated is now often been distributed just before Shabbos.

There are many eager readers down under and as soon as the paper arrives they are there to pick up the paper personally. About a year ago the Ivrit Friday edition of the Yated was made available for subscription to the delight of Israelis residing here.

The Yated is and was read by all types of people from all different religious circles and some readers who don't live in the Jewish area would often ring up complaining that they have missed one edition at the news agent and could we please send them their missing edition

In the words of one of the leading rabbonim in Australia, the Yated says the things which we are afraid to say and which need to be said. Some people have said this is their shiur for the week and they love the way the paper is not apologetic for their views.

From down under we wish success for the Yated Ne'eman in bringing pure daas Torah to the English speaking world and to the shores of Australia, and in bringing the centers of Jewish world that much closer to distant Australia.


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