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No Simple Sucking Candy
by Malka Adler

It was such a relatively minor incident, but upon reflection, quite significant. The last time I was in Geula, I had put on some extra walking mileage in order to purchase a particular brand of sugarless sucking candy.

Bobbe Rochel
by Yisca Shimoni

YISCA SHIMONY is a Jerusalemite from 'way back, generations back. She has already shared her reminiscences with us about life with the old time flavor.

Full Circle
by Chaim Walder

In the same way as you cannot watch hair growing, and only notice after a while that it has, in fact, grown, so do social and educational processes fluctuate and change imperceptibly. In recent years, there has been a definite change in the relationship between children and their parents.

Partners in Crime
by Rifca Goldberg

All was still and quiet. My accomplice and I surveyed the airy, spacious home. We saw no one, heard no one. We stealthily crept down the long corridor. The master bedroom's door was slightly ajar, so we cautiously peeked in. There against the far wall was an enormous oak wardrobe, the door of which was open.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

It was worth being the `devil's advocate' in our comments on Shabbos Preparations (see Parshas Bechukosai, and response, Parshas Noso) just to get the wonderful readers' reactions. Here is another excellent, down-to-earth letter with a very healthy, Jewish attitude and outlook. There are various ways of being neshos chayil! I think, dear readers, that I must retract whatever I said. And thanks!

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Time for a health quiz:

1) Do you smoke? If you do, go no further, you have already flunked. If you don't, give yourself 2 points. If you have stopped more than ten years ago, you still get two points; if less, give yourself one.

Shabbos Urns Major Source of Children's Burn Injuries
by N. Katzin

A new study conducted in the Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem indicates that every year, scores of children suffer severe burns as a result of accidents from Shabbos hot water urns. According to the study, which was published for the first time in Yated Ne'eman, 20% of burns suffered by children who were subsequently hospitalized were caused by Shabbos urns.

Water Saving Tips

The following suggestions and guidelines for conserving water were given by the Israeli government.

The Easy Versatile Cake

by Rifca Goldberg

[We hope you tried her fancy cake for Shavuos. We did and it was all it promised to be.]

Poet's Corner
Living in These Pre-Moshiach Times

by D. Blachor

The following prayer-piece was written a year ago, when the son of the writer's friend was seriously ill. Now, boruch Hashem, he is in remission. A good reason to take the lesson to heart...

We emit a sigh,
Long and hard,
When we hear about the troubles of another.
There is so much pain,
So much suffering,
As we live in these times,
Of `Moshiach's footfalls.'


The tragedies have multiplied,
Sickness and disasters leave us in shock,
And we pray for heavenly mercy.
Far too many wait for shidduchim,
While others wait and hope for children.


How we sigh,
As we think of them all.
We say Tehillim, offer encouragement
And try to share their pain.
Yet, maybe, the message should be deeper,
Something each of us could learn:
Perhaps when we hear of suffering,
We could take a resolution upon ourselves.


We could work on refining our character,
On our interpersonal relationships,
Incorporating more chessed into our lives.
We could surely pray with more intent,
Praying, really praying, `inside,'
Contemplating each precious word we say.
Imagine what could be achieved in this world,
And in Heaven.


Then, perhaps, we would already be running,
To greet Moshiach...

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