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With All of Me
by Sara Glaser, author of Lifesaver's Guide

Chapter Eight

Part I

"I developed a five-course program in home management. Everything was taught from a Torah perspective."

The Many Against the Few
Beis Yaakov -
From a Tender Seedling to a Fruitful Tree

by Yehudit Golan

Part 2

Beis Yaakov, the burning torch that was transferred from Poland to Eretz Yisroel, underwent unbearable hardships at its outset. However, Rav Lieberman, the teachers, students and their parents who believed in the path that had proven itself in Europe, tenaciously continued. The mounting debts left the first school in a dilapidated building. The teachers received paltry salaries and there was no equipment. But in spite of all this, "We didn't feel miserable or poor!" veteran students testify.

Word Power
by Devorah Levy

Often I read a piece in the Yated and marvel at how someone else has taken the thoughts that have been in my head for ages and given expression to them. Then I wonder why it is that I never got around to writing them down myself. Why is someone else's name on that piece? Well, obviously because she put her thoughts down on paper (or in cyberspace) and sent them off, whereas I didn't. But, what is the desire to put pen to paper all about?

To Be the "Working Poor" -
Is This What We Want?

by Rabbi F. Guire

Let's face it, our wants and desires are shlepped along by advertising. To be happy we feel we need the latest gadget, camera, computer, phone, vacations in ever increasingly distant locations, the latest clothing styles. We see it in the ad and then we need it to be happy.


RE: The book review on Naomi Brudner's new book, CARING, A Jewish Guide to Caregiving.

In response to the inquiries that have been made regarding "CARING" as well as the "CHOOSE LIFE RESOURCE CENTER," I wanted to inform your readers that in addition to writing books and tapes, Mrs. Brudner also lectures, teaches and counsels on these and other 'life' subjects. She also does guided imagery for health problems.

An Idea about Why
by Bayla Gimmel

"In her wildest dreams, do you think she would want to become one of us?"

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Is alcohol good for you? We were taught that moderate alcohol consumption will be heart protective but there is a problem: The more you drink the more protection you may have, but you'll ruin the rest of your body.

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