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by Masha Wolf, M.A. Child Therapist and Counselor, Therapy Play Groups etc.

Part III

Shyness is a problem that affects a large percentage of the population. With love, understanding, and a close parent-child relationship, children can be taught to overcome many of their anxieties.

Hot Tips, Cold Tips, Tiptop Tips
by Rifca Goldberg

Hot Tips

With adult supervision, there's a cheap, fun way to get through the sweltering summer afternoons. A spray bottle! They can be purchased at florist shops or a less expensive option is to use old spray bottles that have been cleaned out well. (Never throw these away.)

A Shidduch Made Under War Conditions

by Yisca Shimony

Chava sat on a chair in the front room and looked at her mother who was peeling potatoes for a kugel. Her mother's hands were nimble and she worked with great zest.

My Child Won't Eat
by A. Ross

How often do you hear a mother complain abut a small child, "He doesn't eat a thing"? Every normal child is born with the ability to suck. It is a predictable instinct. In the animal kingdom, there is no such thing as an eating disorder. All animals instinctively search for food.

Couched in Deception
by Leah Subar

"There was no point in keeping the facade. It was time to consider what was underneath..."

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I love children. I could spend hours watching them play, and I love hearing their outlook on life. Just as children have different perspectives and priorities, so do they have different patterns of physical growth and diseases than adults. Pediatricians often say that children are not just little adults. They really aren't. We will take a look at these differences by looking into each pediatric subspecialty and see these special needs.

Poet's Corner
Friendly Persuasion
by Ziporah Zien

"For me was the world created!"

The heavens are telling the glorious wonders of time!
The sun sets and rises each day in a rhythm sublime.
The moon wanes and waxes each month and it never relaxes
Its silvery cast of the sun's rays lights us on our axis.
And more than these two might succeed in arranging our lives,
The stars in their galaxies shine whence divine strength derives.

Hashem in His wisdom created a system of signs
By which mortal creatures might fathom ascents and declines.
And here in the midst of this great planetary ado,
Is one small, unassuming, but greatly significant YOU!

Yes, Hashem has designed all this glittering, dazzling display
For the sake of convincing each soul how He loves it each day!
One spectacular, grand declaration of Care from Above,
Neatly packaged and tied with coordinate acts of His love!

Now I ask you, Yisroel, how can you resist and refuse
To reflect
To respond
And your life with His commandments suffuse?

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