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19 Tammuz 5773 - June 27, 2013 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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Why There is No Place for Torah Scholars in the Israeli Melting Pot
Opinion by Yated Ne'eman

Tens of thousands of Torah scholars in most of the chareidi enclaves throughout the country participated this past Sunday in a massive event of the Siyum Maseches Eruvin and a memorial gathering commemorating the upcoming yahrtzeit of HaRav Yosef Shalom Eliashiv. Those who read the Monday edition of Yated Ne'eman saw the main headline commemorating this historic event, while other news events, which usually occupy that front page slot, were shunted aside.

Study Shemiras Halashon and Interpersonal Relations during the Three Weeks

In light of the clarion cry of our Torah leadership to reinforce ourselves in the vital mitzvos of bein Adam lechavero and the laws of guarding one's speech, study sessions have been established during this Three Week period for shemiras halashon and judging one's fellow man favorably, focusing on the practical halachic aspects of these subjects.

"The Worst Budget Ever"

"The annual budget presented by this current government is the worst I have ever encountered in the Knesset. I don't know what went on during the austerity period of the 50's, but even in 2003, when very harsh laws were imposed upon the public, they didn't come near to what is taking place now."

The Admor of Sovron HaRav Yissochor Dov Hagar zt"l

Deep mourning and sorrow descended upon the world of Torah and Chassidus with the bitter tidings of the passing of the Admor of Sovron, HaRav Yissochor Dov Hagar, Av Beis Din in Jerusalem, who passed away on Friday following much suffering and pain. He was buried close to sundown on Har Hazeisim..

The Admor of Kapishnitz — HaRav Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel zt"l
In honor of his yahrtzeit, 16 Tammuz (5727-1967)

A while after World War II, my father shlita, as an expert mohel, was in Vienna for a bris. There he met a Jew who had a folder filled with various documents, manuscripts and even handwritten kisvei kodosh, including one of the Chasam Sofer zt"l. The package had belonged to my grandfather R' Shlomo Stern zt"l , and was mislaid due to the confusion of the war.

From Our Archives

Opinion and Comment
Destruction and Redemption

by HaRav Nachman Bulman

Once again the Seventeenth of Tammuz has heralded the advent of our Three Weeks of mourning. Once again our remembrance of the destruction of Hashem's dwelling place on Earth will culminate in the soul searing tones of Tisha B'Av's lamentations. In some of us, the discomfort enjoined during this period, the restraints we practice, will awaken a glimmer of recollection for the historic tragedy which stands behind our customs of mourning. Some of us will even recall the blueprint of historic anguish which was drafted in the earliest days of our history during these very weeks.

Opinion and Comment

Self Esteem

by HaRav Yaakov Weinberg zt"l
Who am I? What should I feel about myself? For many this presents a big problem. They are not at peace with the way they see themselves.

There are two approaches to this topic.

One is the modern problem of self esteem, which is very definitely a new problem and one that is not addressed as such anywhere in previous generations. We will deal with this later.

The other is the question of how the Torah looks at the need of recognizing oneself and how one should see him or her self. There are two models.

Opinion and Comment

A Golden Heart

FICTION by Chaim Walde
When this story was published on another site, it became one of their most commented stories of all time.
Our wedding took place twenty years ago. The families of both of us did their utmost for our sakes. Each side gave what it could. We had a lovely wedding and our parents bought us a nice apartment. Life for us was a bed of roses.

Two weeks before the wedding, my chosson took me to his grandmother's -- a visit, he explained, was a tradition in the family.

As we sat on her porch, she handed me a beautifully wrapped box which contained a huge diamond ring. I didn't have to be a diamond expert in order to realize that this ring was very expensive.

Everyone gasped, while Bubby Chava simply said: "This is my gift to you."

Opinion and Comment

A Middos Workshop: Ahavas Yisroel -- the Oneness of the Jewish People

Based on Shiurim of Rav Dovid Siegel
Just a few weeks ago, we commemorated a monumental experience the likes of which never occurred before or since. Three million people stood at the foot of Har Sinai and heard the voice of Hashem, an event so astounding that their neshomos actually left them, and they had to be revived. The words of the posuk tell us, "Vayichan shom Yisroel negged hohor." Yisroel encamped there opposite the mountain. The singular vayichan indicates the complete unity that Bnei Yisroel displayed, in contrast to their other travels in which there was fighting. When Hashem saw their achdus, He said, "Now is the time to give the Torah!"


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