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The Primary Goal of Demonstration Planners

The families of the hostages being held in Gaza since their capture on Oct. 7th are using them in a cynical manner in their battle to topple the present prime minister. Their weekly demonstrations are supported and activated by those selfsame groups which demonstrated against Netanyahu, long before anyone dreamed of the colossal deficiency of the entire security system and its subsidiaries.

The Netanyahu government is doing its utmost to come to some kind of agreement with the murderous terrorist organization. Everyone can understand that it is no easy feat to negotiate with subhuman, inhuman creatures of that kind, whose value of life is less than an onion peel.

The ultimate motive of Sinwar and his cohorts is just to survive the war in order to return to control of the Gaza Strip — no more, no less, with all means permitted towards that end. The Jewish captives, like the Hamas captives lehavdil, are mere pawns in the game of their seeking control again of their territory. To this end. all manipulations are valid, and they are pinning hopes on the world at large to force Israel to halt the war. No less so, the demonstration organizers have the same goal, hoping to stop the war while Hamas is still operating.


The Tip of the Iceberg of the Inadequacy




From the Heights of Torah Logic: On the One Hundred and Fifth yahrtzeit of the gaon, R' Yitzchok Yaakov Rabinowitz zt'l—R' Itzeleh Ponovezher, who died on the twentieth of Adar, 5679.

This was originally published exactly 30 years ago in 5754. This is the first time it is being published online.

Part I

That morning, melancholy prevailed in Telz. The main hall of the yeshiva, which had in better days bustled with the verve of Torah, was now enveloped in gloom. R' Leizer, the yeshiva's captain and backbone, paced the room, deep in thought. His arms, which had always instilled the yeshiva with life, were now stretched out, as if seeking to shatter a hidden and refuted point.

This was the most difficult hour of the long-suffering Telz. Its champion and pride, R' Shimon HaKohen Shkop, had recently left in order to preside as Rav of Maltsh, and every brick of the yeshiva's illustrious edifice felt his absence.

An alarmed letter was dispatched from R' Eliezer's room to distant Ponovezh, where R' Itzeleh Rabinowitz, the lion whose very name shook the foundations of the entire Lithuanian Torah world, lived. In that letter, R' Leizer pleaded, in the name of the Torah of his great yeshiva, which was now in distress, to come to Telz and revive its spirits. R' Leizer intended to forego his position as rosh yeshiva, in deference to R' Itzeleh.

R' Itzeleh contemplated the offer — and accepted it.

When the news reached Telz, a wave of joy enveloped R' Leizer. His heart raged and burst with longing when he envisioned R' Itzeleh and the sweetness of his shiurim. That entire day, he paced through the aisles of the beis medrash, excitedly and ardently whispering to everyone he encountered:

"Yavneh is being rebuilt! In the days of R' Itzeleh, Yavneh and its sages shall be reinstated and reestablished. Yavneh is being rebuilt!"

The day that Telz later learned that R' Itzeleh had succumbed to the pressure of the parnossim of Ponovezh, who refused to let him leave them, was a bitter one. It was as if the sun had set in midday.





Rain and Kinneret Watch

by Dei'ah Vedibur Staff

Our weekly report of the rain and the level of the Kineret - Winter, 5784.

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