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21 Menachem Av 5772 - August 9, 2012 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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Barak: Military Draft Legislation in the Upcoming Winter Session

"In the upcoming Knesset's winter session, the government will have to introduce a definitive bill regarding the military draft [of yeshiva students] to replace the Tal arrangement which expired a week ago, per the Supreme Court decision." This was the announcement on Monday of Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee which dealt with this issue. Barak noted that due to the expiry of the previous law and the lack of any new law, some form of interim agreements will be put into effect until a legal arrangement is arrived at in the Knesset winter session.

Ministry of Education Refuses to Approve Additional Places in Special Education for Chareidim

An outrage: the Ministry of Education refuses to approve any further educational places for the special children in the chareidi sector about to enter the first grade.

TGI Survey: Yated Ne'eman Has the Most Daily Circulation

This Monday, TGI published a survey giving the circulation rates of various national newspapers. The facts indicated that Yated Ne'eman was the leading and most influential newspaper in the chareidi sector readership this past year.

First Mikveh Inaugurated in Monte Carlo, Monaco

"I bless the Jewish community of Monte Carlo that it continue with full vigor to realize the prophetic vision of the [resurrection of the] dried bones for many years to come through the serenity of kedusha and the cooperation of the Council of European Rabbis and the various Jewish organizations which operate throughout the Jewish world. I, like everyone present here, am overwhelmed to see the establishment of a mikveh here in the principality of Monaco. Who ever dreamed this would happen!"

The Steipler - HaGaon R' Yaakov Yisroel Kanievsky
In honor of his yahrtzeit, 23 Av

"Of paramount importance," the Steipler would say, "is shemiras einayim." This was his advice to bochurim who came to seek his guidance in their derech to Torah and fear of Hashem. Rabbeinu's own complete segregation from earthly concerns was amazing and his immense shemiras einayim no less.

From Our Archives

"The Ikkar is Gutte Middos" -- A Glimpse into the Life of the Tzaddik Rabbi Benzion Rakow, zt"l
by a talmid Reb Zalman Hoff, shlita, plus excerpts from My Father, My Rebbe, Targum Press, 1998, by Chani Zahn

Rabbi Rakow was best known as rosh yeshiva of Chayei Olom Yeshiva, but he was also the rov of beis hamedrash Heichal Hatorah and a leader of Agudas Yisroel. To some he was "the Rebbe." To others "the Rosh Yeshiva" and to yet others "the Rov." To his friends he was "Reb Benzion." Everyone who knew Rabbi Rakow, found exactly what he needed in him.

Opinion and Comment

"The Berlin Syndrome" of the Thirties -- in London of Today

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

One fine day, Dr. Miriam Shlesinger, lecturer in the Languages department of Bar Ilan University and former chairman of Amnesty International's Israeli division, received a letter from the editor of the scientific journal The Translator, published in Britain, which stated in no uncertain terms: "If you don't resign, I will fire you."

The Price of Truth

by Yochonon Dovid

R' Yaakov is sitting in his corner surrounded by a group of young boys who are listening intently as his voice reverberates with warmth and spirit. You ask about truth? One can expound about truth for days and nights on end! Alright, let's examine, for example, the following question: What, in your opinion, is the value of truth? That is, what price is a person willing to pay for truth?

Omol Hatorah vs. Outreach

by Rav Avrohom Yeshaya Bergman

Part I The following is a translation of an article that appeared in the Hebrew edition of Yated Ne'eman on erev Yom Kippur last year.


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