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The "Invisible Hand" Can Boost Torah Observance

Some people like to think that business is business and business decisions made by businessmen are purely rational, economic choices. Professor Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel prize for proving that choices are not always rational. We could offer the experience of the chareidi community — both good and bad — as further proof.

After Your Enemy Falls . . .
An adaptation of the sichos of HaRav Chaim Dov Altusky, Shlita

HaRav Hutner zt'l, shared the profound thoughts that follow at the Purim seudos that he held each year with his talmidim. They are taken from notes made by one of the talmidim who shared them with us. They contain deep ideas that require reflection to fully appreciate and absorb, and whose impact will ultimately depend on the reader's own level.

From the Excessive Pride of the Six Day War to . . .
by Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

Part I

Hamas, status as the party in control of the Palestinian Authority has turned the tables in the Israeli political arena. Previous plans have become irrelevant for lack of a proper partner on the Palestinian side. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was forced to admit that with the swearing-in of the Palestinian parliament, the Palestinian Authority turned into a Hamas Authority.

New Chapters from the Life and Teachings of R' Yisroel Salanter zy'a
Excerpts from the memorial book, Kedosh Yisroel published about two years ago — yahrtzeit: 5 Shvat, 5643

Approaches to Study: "One must know its length and breadth"

The Chofetz Chaim asked Maran R' Yisroel Salanter whether it is preferable to review a subject under study several times or to strive for a broader grasp by covering many subjects, even if one would not know them each as thoroughly. The reply was, "One must know the gamut of the length and breadth of Hashem's Torah."

Politica: Kadima: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
By E. Rauchberger

Kadima is exhibiting all of the signs of a party under pressure. Certainly losing 8-10 mandates in two weeks is not easy and the anxiety is apparent in all of the party's leaders, ministers, advisors and spokesmen.

The Success of America May be Derived from the Chumash

To the Editor:

Further to "How Hebrew Came to Yale in 1777" (10 Adar), the caliber of America's Founding Fathers was very great. They were gentiles steeped and schooled in Hebraic civilization.

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