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In Costume
a Purim story by N. Beer

Who says that a person does what he wants?

Who determined that one only does what one is obligated to do?

Sometimes, perhaps even often, you do things, or make decisions, because you have to, because `everyone' is doing it, and simply, quite simply, because you have no alternative . . .

Onoas Devarim — Hurtful Speech

By Rebbetzin Nomi Travis

Often we must think of absurd possibilities in order to fulfill the commandment of judging favorably.

Making Sandwiches
By Risa Rotman

I was sure this was a dilemma that would never happen to me. I was convinced that my children would always eat all their food happily. I could in no way relate to those mothers who would complain that their kids wouldn't eat some food in particular e.g., fish. Or children refusing to eat when two different kinds of food actually had the nerve to touch each other on the plate.

Pipes, Cords and a Dog . . .

By Yisca Shimony

How the Beis Yisroel neighborhood in Jerusalem was salvaged from swampland, over a century ago.

Lowering Cholesterol
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Diet and exercise can play a big role in staying healthy. One of the most important steps you can take is to lower your blood cholesterol level. High levels of cholesterol can lead to "plaque deposits," which narrow your arteries and make it difficult for blood to circulate. The following foods will help lower your cholesterol levels and may also contribute to your heart's overall well-being. However some of these may be infested with bugs.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

An article suggested that you could make your bathroom as sterile as an operating room. I think that is an exaggeration, but I will give my opinion on the recommendations. Keep in mind that I am definitely in favor of cleanliness: I cannot eat in a dirty place, nor will I use a public bathroom that is filthy.


by Sylvia Susser

Foaming wine spills over lips
Drunkenness the pysche grips
Ritual commands no less
Than complete forgetfulness.

Sparkling eye and scarlet cheek
Make a royal heart beat — leap
Evil sting on milk-white steed
"Down with Haman," children plead.

History in masquerade
Shushan characters cascade
Gaily tiny tots burlesque
Vashti, bitterly distressed.

Cautious Mordechai prepares
Eloquent and urgent prayers
Esther in her wisdom saw
She, the Divine duty bore.

King Ahasuarus proud
Esther's regal beauty bowed
Haman plotted plans depraved
Purim's portion: Israel saved.

The Clock Screams

by Batya Ziskind

THE CLOCK SCREAMS!!!!! The sun beams. The end of dreams. Work, by the reams, awaits all the teams. Another day begins . . . . . . . . . . . . Baby Shimi uses his own type of alarm.
To let us avail ourselves of his usual charm.
Heedless of any suspicions of harm,

Over the crib's side.......

hanging by a stretchee....
falls into my arms.

Oh, goodness, Rivki, I didn't see you there.
What's that purple stuff in your hair?
Yankie had a whaaaaat for you to share?
TIMEOUT , 'til they're all in school, I glare! GRAB your lunch and GO!
You're going to be late, you know.
But, Mommy, I looked high and lo—
A lost notebook, seven fifty-five a.m. is such a blow!
Oh, Suri, must you be soooo slow? Shmuel, I signed your Chumash test!
Suri, you must just do your best—
That notebook is giving us no rest!
Nachman, the van is honking, grab your vest,
And put away that hamster pest!
Which we now with thirteen babies have been blest! I'm losing it — I must admit.
Heaven, help... me ... wind ... down ... a ... bit . . . .. Suraleh, it seems I saw your notebook last night when I passed your door.
It was lying next to your bed, on the floor.
"Oh, that's right! I had a test to study for."
Thank you, Mommy! And as she lingered, at eight-oh-four . . . "Suri, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU," I say,
"Sometimes there doesn't seem to be time in the day— For all the feelings I keep bottled up inside,
To get to you, my dear ones!" I cried. Tears trickled,
My nose, tickled.
Her sweet and gently reply ..."Mommy, it's OK.
WE ALL LOVE YOU, ANYWAY!!!!!" Our tender young vines we musn't take for granted.
Their loving, gentle natures within them Hashem has planted.
Yes, most of the nonsense, impatience, occasionsal screams they can see through.
BUT ...
We must never forget to say,'" I love you." Because showing love is what keeps them going
Much more than we are ever knowing.
The kiss, the smile, the hug so tight,
Let's them know the world's all right.

Paradise in a Box

by Drora Matlofsky

Wouldn't it be nice
To find Paradise
Inside a box,
A box that locks
(What a paradox)

When you go shopping
Shopping for ideals
What good deals
Heavy concepts on wheels
Pushed down the aisle?

It might take you a while
To find the right box
To undo the locks
To find the paraphrase
To name you-know-what

You will be amazed
There are such a lot
You get lost in the maze
So much to muse about,

So much for your muse,
I hope you are amused
By the paradox
Of Paradise
Inside a box
That locks.

Someone Else's Kitchen

by Drora Matlofsky

Someone else's kitchen, mysterious place,
Foreign land, foreign language,
What is hiding behind cupboard doors?
Inside closed drawers?

I need a spoon, what a good excuse
To open the doors and spy around.

Disappointing battered pans and cracked plates.
New gleaming cutlery
Old revered Kiddush cup,
Wooden boards smelling of onions
Oily wooden spoons
Fun mugs, souvenir of South Africa.

It makes me want to play house
It makes me want to discover more
To empty the cupboards on the floor.
What looks good? What could I cook?
What looks like a pot for rice?

This is more fun than cooking at home
Even the old pans are new
It just takes longer as you explore
Try this one, try that one,
How can she manage
Without a thingamajig?

All my prejudices are put in question.
It feels like Pesach.

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