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The Tzadik's Eternal Flame
A very true story

by Gavriel Horan

The midday sun sweltered down upon the crowd of Jerusalemites waiting impatiently for the bus. Ironically, the heat was intensified by the crowd itself that in an effort to stay cool had huddled together in a tight mob under the small awning of the bus stop shelter, whose tiny strip of shade served more for appearance than shelter.

True Stories about Real People
A Story of Mourning for Parshas Chaye Sorah

by Sara Gutfreund

The King of Kings

My father holds a prestigious government position in New York. He is an Orthodox Jew who has never gone to campaign events on Shabbos and has always ordered special, glatt kosher meals for the dinners that he has to attend. Our home has always been full of both secular Jews and even non- Jewish guests, for as long as I can remember.

Getting up to Speed

by Bayla Gimmel

A street that I use pretty often is about to have access to a major highway. They are currently working on the last phase of construction which is a ramp to take cars from the street to the highway. The ramp is taking quite a while to finish.

The Lazy Woman's Guide to Housekeeping

by Risa Rotman

Many years ago, when my oldest was about nine or ten months old and had discovered the new world of standing upright, he found a bag of cocoa which I kept in a corner on a basket stand on wheels. Being normally curious, he took it and dumped some of the contents on the floor.

The Forgotten Lego
by Drora Matlofsky

We had a great time today. We built a palace, we built a train, we built a beis hamikdosh. I was so proud to be a part of the beis hamikdosh, even though I was right at the bottom.

by L. Raffles

Children usually become dry at night between three and four years old. Some do it sooner, often when they are being trained in the day, others manage it a bit later, at four or five. The question arises — at what age has the child "got a problem" for which we need to seek medical advice, and is there anything we can do in the meantime?

Apron Strings
by A. Ross

The child of six who is still being dressed by Mother will dress herself sooner or later. But by then she will be overdependent in the next phase of her life . . .

by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz

Strive for Greatness

Be happy with what you have. Don't be happy with what you are.

Be happy with what you have. All that you have, Hashem gives you. As such, you couldn't have chosen better for yourself. You have everything you need to achieve everything you can be.

Did YOU Know: About Ginger and Gout?
by Dr. Bruner, PhD

If minor aches and pains are an issue for you, try ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory agent that is useful for relieving symptoms associated with arthritis, bursitis, motion sickness, nausea and more. Ginger is commonly available in forms ranging from whole fresh root, crystallized ginger and honey-based ginger syrups to capsules containing powdered extracts. Look for products made with only 100 percent pure ginger.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Yes, finally someone did a good look into the literature and confirmed what we felt all along: stress can cause heart attacks. So it was no surprise when I was sent an article from a reader about stress being "crippling." Controlling stress is imperative as not only does it cause heart disease, but it can lead to impaired immunity and all that goes with that.


by Ruth Lewis

"She's a lawyer and frum . . .
What a good role model!"
"She's a writer . . . a doctor . . .
an artist . . . and frum . . . "

Mmmm. Maybe. But
After 120 years, will we be asked,
"How many lawsuits did you win?"
"How many paintings did you paint?"

And anyway, as role models go,
What's wrong with Soroh, Rivka,
Rochel, Leah? With Miriam or Devorah?
With R' Akiva's wife?

"Nowadays, you can wear
a wig that anyone could swear
was your real hair . . . "
"Nowadays, you can eat
glatt kosher meat
that tastes exactly like
any non-kosher treat."
"Why, nowadays, you can even get
a clock to turn on
a television set!"

You can be frum,
And no one will even notice -
Including — you!

(Remember Barry Goldwater's
old campaign slogan:
A Choice — Not an Echo!
There's something in that,


by Drora Matlofsky

He speaks from within the clouds
Nebulous words
In a thunderous voice.
Cotton muffles my ears.
I try to pull it out.
What is He saying?

Flashes of understanding light up my brain.
Then nothing.

I stand there, waiting
For the next flash.
Knowing that thunder will follow,
That it will startle me.
Maybe both will rattle my brain back into place,
Dislodge the cotton from my ears.

I stand there.

Suddenly, rain wooshes down
Right through my bones.

In the Hospital

by Raizel Foner

You open up your little mouth
A newborn cry
Little fist waves
Little feet kick
Light brown wisps
Of straight hair
Sweet bundle
Of answered prayers.

You open your little mouths
Newborn cries — in stereo
From all sides of the nursery
Many little fists wave
Pairs and pairs of little feet kick
Dark, wavy hair,
Curls and whorls of auburn hair
Thick black mop
And straight blond tufts

Sweet roomful
Of answered prayers.

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