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The Wisdom of Women...
by Yisca Shimony

Hashya stood by the window, looking at the darkening sky. In the semidarkness, she lowered her gaze to the beautiful garden and as she looked at the lengthening shadows of the trees, she felt foreboding and fear. Sadness enveloped her as she recalled the hasty departure of her dear husband who had left Rome on a business trip.

Fact or Friction?
by Gita Gordon

The minivan pulled in at the first stop. The driver looked at his timetable and saw that he had five passengers to collect as well as one parcel for delivery. This was his last run before Shabbos. He had planned the trip to be in time for mincha where he would be able to sit next to his father while davening, something his father looked forward to each day.



I was very pleased with your article on the Glatt Phone. Unfortunately, two weeks ago, I ordered Bezek's new Selector which allows me to block calls but I must tell them which ones to block.

Vacation Time
by Yehudis Meir

It's July now, and after a few weeks of school-sponsored day camp, the `biggie' will be upon us. Vacation. Last year I took the easy way out and had a baby, leaving the kids in my husband's care during bein hazemanim while I enjoyed a five star vacation in Beit Hachlama. This year, I decided to plan ahead to try to make this time as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible for everyone.

Scaffolds, Stones and other Externals
by Bayla Gimmel

The Beis Hamikdosh was only a building, a structure of stone and wood upon which Hashem's wrath was, fortunately, outpoured.

A different lesson about externals in a modern day simile...

Keep Smiling

Short inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, Kiryat Sefer, author of A Handful of Light, Hearts on Fire and other works on Mussar and Hashkofa

The `Lazy' Child
by L. Raffles

Children are born learners, and when they are ready for a particular activity and are then provided with the appropriate stimulation to learn, they will rise to the challenge.

Each child and his internal developmental clock...

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Recently, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings discussed diets, in an article called The Search for the Perfect Heart Healthy Diet. Despite recent advances in defining diabetes, sugar intolerance, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and diets that emphasize these issues, Westerners are getting fatter and fatter due to larger calorie intake and less physical activity.

Nuts To You!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Walnuts are an especially good choice because they provide vital omega-3 fatty acids in addition to the vitamin E, trace minerals, and fiber that other nuts contain. (By the way, peanuts are legumes, not nuts, and have a less desirable fatty-acid profile.)

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