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24 Cheshvan 5764 - November 19, 2003 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly









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Jewish Victims of Bombing Attack Buried in Istanbul
by Betzalel Kahn, M. Plaut and Yated Ne'eman Staff

The six Jewish victims of last week's double bombing attack at beit knesset Neveh Shalom and beit knesset Beit Yisrael, located three miles apart, were buried Tuesday morning in the same section of the cemetery where the 22 Jewish victims of a similar bombing attack on beit knesset Neveh Shalom 17 years ago lie buried.

Merkaz HaTorah School Torched in France
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Fire destroyed the Merkaz HaTorah Jewish secondary school in the Paris suburb of Gagny in the Seine-Saint-Denis region on Shabbos in the morning at 3am. There were no injuries.

Humana Fires Four; Remedia Denies Responsibility
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Humana said it had dismissed four managers from product development, quality control and its chemical laboratory after tests showed the kosher Remedia Super Soya 1 product contained less than one tenth the amount of vitamin B-1 advertised.

Thousands Participate in Memorial Gathering for HaRav Shach in Bnei Brak
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Thousands of avreichim, bnei Torah and gedolei Torah participated in a memorial gathering and Shas siyum in Bnei Brak on motzei Shabbos parshas Vayeiro to mark two years since the Rosh Yeshiva's passing.

Learning Mishnayos in Memory of HaRav Shach
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Two years have already gone by since the petiroh of Rabbenu Hagodol, but many people clearly recall the reverberating words of his will read aloud by HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman during the levaya.

US Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah Meets On Pressing Issues
by Rabbi Avi Shafran

Agudath Israel of America's national headquarters in Manhattan was the venue of a Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah meeting last Tuesday, 16 Cheshvan-11 November at which the distinguished roshei yeshiva and rabbonim who constitute the Agudath Israel movement's highest policy-making body spent two-and-a-half hours considering a number of important issues.

Eight UTJ-Backed Candidates Win in Second Round of Elections
by Y. Arielli and B. Kahn

The vote count for the 44 locations where a second round of local elections was held last week showed a decline in the Likud's power. The second round was held in localities in which no candidate for mayor won at least 40 percent of the votes in the first round.

Prepared by Devorah Plaut and Ruth Levy

Note: The information here is only with regard to the incidence of bugs in the products mentioned. It does not address other issues of kashrus or suitability for eating such as chodosh.

Conference of European Rabbis Meets in Geneva
by Eliezer Rauchberger

The Conference of European Rabbis' Standing Committee, which meets bi-annually, held a meeting in Geneva last week headed by HaRav Yosef Chaim Sitruk, Chief Rabbi of France.

Religious Services Facing Total Collapse
by Eliezer Rauchberger

The Religious Councils now owe employees over NIS 400 million in unpaid salaries Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Yitzhak Levy reported to the Knesset's State Control Committee during a meeting to discuss dismantling the Religious Affairs Ministry.

Haifa's Jaffa Road Off Limits to Kohanim
by Y. Arieli

HaRav Yechiel Yosef Bamberger, rov of Haifa's chareidi community, circulated a letter saying under the present circumstances Kohanim may not travel on Rechov Yaffo where it exits the city southward, since ancient graves were found along its length during paving work and a proper halachic solution--namely a tikkun tohoroh--has yet to be implemented.

Slovakian Prime Minister Pledges to Preserve Chasam Sofer's Grave
by Betzalel Kahn

During a visit to the Western Wall last week, Slovakian Prime Minister Mikolas Dzurinda told Kosel Maarovi Chief Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz that he intends to closely oversee the preservation of the sanctity of the Chasam Sofer's grave and hopes the Jewish people will continue to visit the gravesite.

Shuvu "Bar Mitzva" Mission in Eretz Yisroel
By Devorah Talia Gordon and Alex Margolin

A visit to the Kosel is almost always the highlight of anyone's visit to Eretz Yisroel, but this time, it was more than just uplifting and inspiring. It was a celebration of the success of Shuvu Chazon Avrohom and its 13 years of providing an authentic Torah education to thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

HaRav Mordechai Zuckerman, zt"l
by Betzalel Kahn

The Torah world was orphaned on Shabbos Kodesh when it lost one of our generation's great baalei mussar and conveyors of Torah, HaRav Mordechai Zuckerman zt"l at the age 92. On his last earthly journey he was accompanied by thousands, led by gedolei Torah and mussar.

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