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The Sheitel Debate
by N. B.

It's not in the `headlines' any more, but the sheitel issue is still a subject of discussion with women round the world. Will something have changed? Will the impact of a tremendous Kiddush Hashem have its permanent repercussions in our daily lives? In what way?

Not the last word...

by Rachel Leah Perlman

Our long trip from Russia to America was over. Here we were at last, in Rochester, New York. Our Uncle Izzy met us at the train station and took us to our new home. My Grandmother Elkie was overjoyed to see her eldest son. "Good, good!" she said, "but where is Hershel?"

Just a Nice Word
by R. Chadsahi

"What did you say to Ora last night when you spoke to her that made her so ecstatic when she came to school this morning?" one teacher asked Miri, the homeroom teacher.

Saga of a Returning Seminary Girl
by Debby Friedman

Part II

This true story happened many years ago, before the age of credit cards and modern telecommunications technology.

The Golden Talent of Storytelling
"An Onion for the Doctor and Other Stories"

by Sudy Rosengarten
Reviewed by Yonina Hall

Something funny is going on in my neighborhood. Everyone who's read Sudy Rosengarten's new book, An Onion for the Doctor and Other stories, hasn't stopped talking about it.

Who Wants Routine?
by A. Ross

Some people thrive on it, others much prefer the hustle of preparing for Yom Tov, Shabbos, the excitement of a trip, holidays, a wedding or bar mitzva -- anything but routine. Babies and small children need routine and get restless or out of sorts without it.

Can He See?
by A. Ross

It is impossible to state that sight is more miraculous than any other part of our wonderful bodies, but it is certainly a very complicated process. The lens automatically absorbs what it sees, but the brain feeds us far more detail. By looking at an object, we know the size, the color, the feel of the thing, where it is situated, what its purpose is etc.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Another letter asks me to speak about stomach gas. I am speaking about burping. Burping can be caused by ingesting air, such as in those who eat too fast or drink carbonated drinks. However, gas can also be caused by certain foods and is a result from bacteria metabolizing those foods.

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