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Politics and Hashkofa
by R' Zvi Zobin

Rabbi Binyomin relates that fifty years ago, when he was a bochur, he boarded in the house of his Rosh Yeshiva. Every week on Motzaei Shabbos, all the family gathered in the living room for some sort of family meeting. Burning with curiosity, the young Binyomin decided to try and see what went on behind those closed doors. One time, when the coast was clear, he stood close to the door and tried to hear what was going on.

The Power of Love
A true story by Sheila Seigel

The fact that the father's business was open on Shabbos and that the boys participated in various sports on that day was an unfortunate reality among non-practicing Orthodox Jews in South Africa...

When Children Cry, How Can We Help Them?

by Menucha Fuchs
Parenting expert, group counsellor, author of dozens of children and adult books, fiction and non-fiction

If a child is not asking for anything basically necessary, there is no reason to give in. We can let him cry to his heart's content and not give in to extortion.

Twin Language
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

Twins seem to learn the use of the personal pronoun `I' at an earlier age than single children. Do identical twins have a language of their own?

Learning Styles and the Visual Learner
by Devora Piha

This article is about bright children who don't do well in school.

The following eye-opening information is available to us with thanks to P'TACH.

Salt, Pepper and Eternity -
Stories that Last Forever

Compiled by Sheindel Weinbach
Reviewed by Sheindel Weinbach

A great name for a book, no? And it's a great book, too, which you will have to agree, since you are fans of Yated Ne'eman International, and the stories in this compact little softcover volume have appeared, at some time or other, in the Family Section.

Poet's Corner

Of Noble Lineage

by Tzipora Zien

The dazzling dandelions danced,
They dipped and bobbed with charm and style,
Some tender rosebuds were entranced,
But knowing neither guilt nor guile,
They'd fail to dance with every trial.
Those yellow waifs would waft and float,
While rose-hipped maids were left to dote.

Soon pudgy, childish fingers
were pulling tender stems,
And while the nannies lingered,
they braided diadems
of yellow-studded gems.
The rosebuds, feeling overlooked,
A blush of sunset's colors took.

An hour's scanty praise
Was earned by childish games,
And nannies' fingers raised,
From infant's tousled manes.
Gnarled clumps of plant remains,
While in the garden's rosy beds,
The rosebuds held their rosy heads.

When Erev Shabbos finally dawned,
The morning dew was richly strewn,
As dozing nursery charges yawned,
The loyal roses' deep maroon,
Gave forth a rich and sweet perfume.
The royal blooms by hands were borne,
The Shabbos table to adorn.

These several verses have been told,
To comfort all of those in pain:
The cheap and simple path is bold,
Both swift and fleeting are its gains,
Eternal recompense she reaps,
Who treasured pearls well-guarded keeps.

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