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The table lamp framed the rectangle sheet of paper with a pale fluorescent light.

The blue veins that protruded from under the skin of the writing hand, nearly transparent, moved like tiny rushing streams across an arid, barren plain.

Picture Charades

by Devora Piha

The following activity is for those free moments when "there's nothing to do, Ma!" It's one way of keeping the children put in one place and pleasantly occupied. Have the children prepare this game beforehand, to use on Pesach. If you let your children color on Chol Hamoed, this is the perfect time. If not, read and use for a lazy afternoon.

A Dress for her Granddaughter
by Menucha Levin

Ever since she was a little girl, my mother loved to sew. More than just a hobby at which she was extremely talented, sewing was a very important part of her life.

Precious Freedom
by Rifca Goldberg

Batya was tired. She had attempted to nap in the afternoon but she hadn't been able to. So much still to do! She told her mother that it was just too much work, but her mother had chuckled, saying that it's all in the attitude.

Going to the Kosel
Life in Jerusalem Over Fifty Years Ago

by Yisca Shimony

In the Shimony family, pre-yomtov seasons were extremely busy times. Without proper refrigeration and with a shortage of running water, the amount of work was doubly increased. Purchasing perishables was always postponed to the last minute, and even the icebox, with the huge block of ice at the top, didn't prevent the spoiling of food. The shopping and cooking was left for the last moment, and the additional need to clean the house and wash and iron clothes, crowded the pre-holiday season greatly.

Self Motivation
by A. Ross

Parents read articles and ever more articles, teachers attend extra lectures and utilize what they have learned, and at the end of the day they say, "Why doesn't it work for me? I've done my best but it is not good enough. I spend the day shouting at the children and it doesn't seem to make the slightest difference."

Reflections on Pesach
The Joy of Doing our Own Work

by Tova Gutman

Each year as Nissan rolls around, my heart, rather than filling with the joy of the upcoming festival, begins to contract with fear and dread. How on earth will I manage this year? becomes my consuming thought.

Why is My Hebrew Reading So Slow?

by R' Zvi Zobin

Classical Hebrew is based on only a few hundred basic "roots" and words are developed from them through well defined conjugations. Therefore, when the efficient reader of Hebrew meets a "new" word, he will be able to take an intelligent guess as to its meaning. However, an inefficient reader will be baffled.

Honey, Sugar and a Drop of Vinegar
by Rosally Saltsman

Imagine this scenario if you will. A child comes running in from school, face beaming, "Mommy, Mommy! I got a punishment!"

"Really?" says the mother expectantly. "What is it?" The child tells her, the mother laughs and the child hurries to execute the punishment...

A Sunny Slice of Life

by Malka Adler

Actually, I could have doubled up this review with last week's to make sure that you ran out to get your copy of this book pronto. But that wouldn't have been fair for many reasons:

Your Pesach cleaning would certainly have suffered since you wouldn't have sufficed with rest-and-read breaks but might have sneaked in portions when the others weren't looking. It is absolutely addictive.

Teaching Love of Torah to Children
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

We are presenting an essay on enhancing the love for Torah and increasing our awareness of it in our daily lives, broken up into small weekly sections that lead up to a climax, the receiving of the Torah on Shavuos.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

We now end our discussion of autoimmune diseases, that is diseases where the body attacks itself, with a short discussion on transplants.

Poet's Corner
Passover Scarf
by Judy Belsky

my father wraps the matza in it
I place it on my shoulder
to rehearse the weight
of freedom
smooth against my cheek
fragrant with my mother's perfume
my father's chant

we are slaves in the land of Egypt
and they afflict us
and we cry to the G-d of our Fathers
and the Holy One blessed be He
redeems us from their hands

over rise
and fall
I dream back
four centuries
my father
is a physician
in the court of the king
at night he dips his feather
into rich blue ink
I read honor and wealth
I hear prayer images of silver and gold
have ears but do not hear

I read chaos and betrayal
I hear prayer do not trust in princes
I read torture and death
I hear prayer straits of the grave seize me
I hear an offer to become Christian
we abandon our homes
the church takes our wealth
in my flight I cry
mankind is false

we leave by boat
in dying light
my father says
water is ink
write an ocean
as long as your eye can see
as long as two arcs reach
you find
His voice
upon the water

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