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Preparing for the Future Dealing Directly With HaShem
by R' Zvi Zobin

Yossi reads the headlines: "Rabbi Ploni involved in major financial swindle!"

Yossi emits a groan, "Why should I be frum if a big rabbi like that can do such a terrible thing?"

Emotional Input
by Chaim Walder

Only one street separates the neighborhoods of Musrara and Meah Shearim.

In the sixties, a study was made to determine the differences between these two neighborhoods, both sociologically and developmentally.

a story by A. Bat-Melech

Synopsis: Yeshivas Avnei Chochma is in dire financial straits. R' Menachem, the yeshiva director, gets word that the English millionaire, Mr. Clyde, will be paying a visit to the yeshiva. He considers sending the disabled bochur, Refoel Chaim, somewhere out of sight until Mr. Clyde has left, but thinks better of it.

Finish the Job
by R. Chadshai

Discordant Notes

Ahuva begged her parents to let her take music lessons. She wanted to play the keyboard. The girl was not particularly musical, yet on the other hand, maybe just because of that they ought to encourage her. There was the thought of the financial outlay. The lessons were cheaper, as they were arranged by the school, but the entire term's lessons would have to be paid for in advance. The keyboard would also be quite expensive. In the end, they capitulated and bought the instrument, to be paid for in installments.

An Apartment for Shabbos

I would be happy if the following points were discussed in your paper: We are a young couple who live in a neighborhood where there are both young families and families with married children. (Actually, there are more of the second kind.) It's quite common, and understandable too, that families who invite guests for the entire Shabbos are certain that their younger neighbors, who go away nearly every Shabbos, will be happy to offer them their charming apartments.

The Goldsmith's Hammer
by KSR

Fiction, but it does reflect the world out-there, and you are urged to extract the several messages provided by this engaging . . ..

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Our last column in this series on pregnancy. This column should be one of the more useful ones. We are about to discuss what needs to be avoided in pregnancy.

Where's the Fat?
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Potatoes, bagels, rice -- low-fat foods, right? Not if you're talking about some supermarket varieties. When buying processed foods, look at ingredients lists for hidden saturated fats in the form of tropical oils (coconut, palm and palm kernel), hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (hydrogenation makes an oil more saturated), as well as cheese and butterfat.

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