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Preparing for the Future Dealing Directly With HaShem
by R' Zvi Zobin

Yossi reads the headlines: "Rabbi Ploni involved in major financial swindle!"

Yossi emits a groan, "Why should I be frum if a big rabbi like that can do such a terrible thing?"

* * *

Shlomo was davening with intense devotion. Suddenly Mr. Almoni pushed past him, nearly sending him flying.

Shlomo muttered, "With people like him around, it is not surprising that people drop out of frumkeit!" as he watched with disgust as Mr. Almoni disappeared into the distance.

* * *

In both situations, we can try to find mitigating circumstances for Rabbi Ploni and Mr. Almoni's apparent wrongdoings. Perhaps the newspaper is incorrect. Perhaps Rabbi Ploni is innocent. Perhaps Mr. Almoni is a member of Hatzolah and he is rushing to an emergency.

However, another important problem is that in both situations, someone made his adherence to Judaism dependent on someone else's behavior.

No one is perfect. Different people have different priorities and what might seem important to one person might seem trivial to another person. Mass media is quick to look for scandals. But our emunah must be based on a direct relationship with HaKodosh Boruch Hu. He gave us the Torah at Har Sinai through Moshe Rabbeinu. Each of us has his own obligation to fulfill in this world and that obligation is absolute. We are working for our own fulfillment and just because someone else seems to be spoiling things for himself does not mean that we have to ruin ourselves.

The hashkofo we need to instill in our children and talmidim (and ourselves) must be based on absolute allegiance to the Torah, independent of the behavior of other people.

The 13 Tenets of Faith list the essentials of our emunah. We say them every day in the Yigdal and some people also read through the list after Shacharis. Nowhere does it say that Toras Moshe is true because Rabbi Ploni and Mr. Almoni are nice people and lead exemplary lives.

Yossi and Shlomo's hashkofa and emunah need to be so strong that even when faced by the Rabbi Plonis and Mr. Almonis around them, they realize that they have to do what is correct and according to the Torah.


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