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16 Elul 5773 - August 22, 2013 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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A Talmud Torah in Netanyah is Considering Joining the State Chareidi Network

Investigative work by this reporter has determined that the Talmud Torah Hadar Yisroel in Netanyah has been in touch with the Ministry of Education about joining its new Mamlachti-Chareidi School System. Although no official confirmation has been forthcoming so far, the discussions were confirmed to this reporter by Yisrael Genessia, a member of the board of the cheder.

Draconian Cuts to Government Support

Cuts in the child support of Bituach Leumi took effect this week in payments that were made on August 20. From now on, the monthly allowance for children under 10 years old is NIS 140 per month (about $40). For older children, the third child gets NIS 172 per month (about $49), the fourth child gets NIS 336 ($95) and from the fifth and onward the sum is NIS 354 ($100). A family with six children of whom half are over 10 years old will see its monthly stipend fall from NIS 1,348 to NIS 872.

What Do You Say to an Avreich Whose Food Budget is Cut?

In the days of the Ponovezher Rov we learned Torah in the yeshiva under duress (mitoch hadechak). There were times when the bread was rationed out. Packages of margarine were divided into eight portions, and each student got one. This was breakfast.

The Rebbe Yaakov Koppel Chossid zt"l, Father of the Kossov-Vishnitz Dynasty
In honor of his yahrtzeit, 15 Elul 5547

Reb Koppel never took on the mantle of admorus at all. He did not even serve as dayan or in any other Torah post, but eked out a meager living from his small wood and textiles store.

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In Depth Features
Where is Yossele?

by B. Rom

A Shabbos night in Haifa in the year 5720 (1960). Rav Sholom Schwadron returns from the beis knesses where he was learning after the seudah, to the home where he is staying as a guest.

Opinion and Comment

Solving Israel's Demographic Problems

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is worried about the demographics of Israel and he has a characteristically grandiose and dramatic solution: bring in 1,000,000 Jews. Fortunately he is distracted by other problems and has not been able to focus on this policy, but it is a proposal that he has referred to frequently and consistently since he became prime minister.

Opinion and Comment

Chazal Tell Us How to Overcome Yishmoel

by Rabbi Mordecai Plaut based on a shiur of a rosh yeshiva in Yerushalayim

In view of the threats faced by those living in the Middle East and around the world from those of Arab extraction, the following penetrating analysis sheds light on important characteristics of the struggle with Yishmoel as described by Chazal. This is not to suggest that every Arab is as detailed here, but that the essential features of the contest are as explained, and the steps we must take -- which are matters of our personal and private avodoh -- are as outlined here.

The following is based on a tape of a shiur that was delivered more than six years ago.


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