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9 Ellul 5771 - September 8, 2011 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

Exempt Schools Not Budging on Education Ministry Inspections
By Y. Green

In response to renewed discussion on oversight of exempt schools, Vaadas HaRabbonim LeInyonei Chinuch reiterated a longstanding principle established by gedolei Yisroel shlita that outside entities cannot be allowed to interfere in chareidi education, including pedagogical and other aspects.

One-Third of Ashdod Students in Chareidi Schools
By Y. Green

The number of students in Ashdod's chareidi schools is up this year, Mayor Dr. Yechiel Lasri said at a press conference, where he presented the work plan for the new year. The number of chareidi students in the city increases from year to year and is now approaching the number of students in the city's government and government-religious schools.

Gafni Expects Big Changes in Economic Policy
by M Green

At an economics-oriented conference in Tel Aviv, MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni, chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee, spoke. He said that he believes that there will be significant change in all aspects of the social and economic approach of the current government. "I think that the ideology of the Prime Minister has changed," he said. "Yesterday I spoke with Professor Manuel Trachtenberg. The government must change even if it does not really want to do so."

Bnei Brak Ranked No. 1 in Plastic Bottle Recycling
By Y. Schwartz

Bnei Brak is Israel's leading city in self-collection of cardboard and of plastic bottles, according to figures released by the Environmental Protection Ministry.

Bochur Imprisoned in Japan Acquitted and Released
By L.S. Wasserman

The yeshiva student imprisoned in Japan landed in Eretz Yisroel after being acquitted of all charges following three years of incarceration.

Diplomatic Efforts to Save Ancient Lvov Shul from Wrecking Ball
By R. Hoffner

Last-minute efforts are currently under way to save the ancient shul in Lvov after the Ukrainian government decided to raze it and build a hotel on the site. The honorary consul of Poland (which held the city during World War II) in Israel, businessman Oded Feller, sent an urgent letter to Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman requesting that the ministry take immediate action to intervene.

The Rebbe Reb Bunim of Pershischa, ztvk"l

Pershischa. Not a chassidus, but a brand name. The small town of Pershischa was a factory of sorts where sincere Yidden with raw but lofty ideals developed into holy individuals. Men of madreigoh who wished to forget completely their earthly needs and surroundings, to rise and fly above all that is mundane and remain in an atmosphere that is spiritual only — those were the men who came to Pershischa.

From Our Archives

Learning Bekius

by HaRav Boruch Shmuel Hakohen Deutsch

A considerable portion of a bochur's time is devoted to covering large amounts of gemora, Rashi and Tosafos at a fairly swift pace. The gains to be made from this study are obvious. However, a number of points need to be stressed, to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from this type of learning. This article explains the quality of the bekius which one should strive for and makes several recommendations as to how to it can be attained.

Feature: How Much do Chareidim Really Get?
by A. Porat, with Yoni Rottenberg

This article is the fifth and last of a series discussing the allocation of public financial resources of the State of Israel. This article ends the series but of course the underlying problems, including the inequities and the media manipulations, have no end in sight.
The previous articles dealt with two issues: the claim that chareidim get a big monthly financial package from the government, and the claim that chareidim pay very little tax. They showed that the first claim is based on calculations that are misleading to say the least, including support and subsidies that are received by everyone and calculating tax savings in a ridiculous manner, and that if the same calculations are made elsewhere they show that a typical secular family gets even more per month.
Opinion & Comment: The Limits of Evenhandedness
by Mordecai Plaut

Everyone tries to be evenhanded. The press always reports the Palestinian attack and the Israeli response together. Diplomats and politicians condemn all violence in the Middle East on the occasion of a particularly horrible bomb against Israeli civilians. The U.S. State Department issues repeated, monotonous calls for "both sides" to end the violence. And the most common figure cited to sum up the entire cycle of violence is that over 600 Palestinians have been killed and about 170 Israelis (this figure changes often, sometimes daily).




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