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Shabbos Water Tower Inaugurated in Modi'in Illit

By A. Cohen

Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer was on hand at a dedication ceremony for a large water tower built by Mekorot for Modi'in Illit residents.

Ben Eliezer, who was hosted by Council Head Rabbi Yaakov Guterman, recalled the first time he toured the land the city was later built on, saying he reached the decision to start construction while he was serving as minister of construction and housing in 1996.

"The shopping center, employment [opportunities], educational institutions, welfare [programs] and more are evidence the city is run [superbly] and the Council Head should be recognized for this along with the people living in the city, who know how to value this," said Ben Eliezer.

The Infrastructures Minister promised to promote Modi'in Illit's kosher electricity project and praised Mekorot, saying it demonstrated outstanding abilities in the construction of the new water tower. The water company is set to execute other massive projects such as a filtration system for the national water carrier, an international desalination facility and Jerusalem's fifth water line. The Minister pledged to continue promoting the city's needs, saying Modi'in Illit would be allocated additional resources for infrastructures and projects. During the reception held for the Minister, the guests were shown a broad geographic survey, taking a look at the city's old and new neighborhoods alike, including land zoned for construction in Mattityahu East which has land reserves for the construction of another 3,000 housing units.

According to a Mekorot representative, the new water tower, which will allow Modi'in Illit to have completely Shomer Shabbos water, was built 340 meters (1,100 feet) above sea level, is 45 meters (150 feet) in diameter and cost NIS 7 million ($1.8 million) to construct. Seventy percent of the funding came from the Modi'in Illit Local Council and 30 percent from Mekorot. The previous water tower held only 2,000 cubic meters of water, while the new one contains 20,000, allowing 15,000 cubic meters to be available for the surrounding area.

Mekorot Chairman Mr. Eli Ronen said the "Shabbos tower" allows Modi'in Illit residents to lead their lives as they require and to receive water on Shabbos without human intervention. The water tower is filled to the top before Shabbos and the pumps bringing in water from Mekorot are turned off at the beginning of Shabbos. At the beginning of each week the council receives a graph showing water consumption every Shabbos. Ronen praised the Council Head for his resolve in providing the maximum for local residents and his dedication to the project. The Mekorot Chairman said he is proud to tour the city and see the blessed growth.


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