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A Reassuring Hand

by D. R. Roth

I am writing about the importance of guarding your children, even in busy times, and the importance of a reassuring hand. Let me begin with a story that happened in a famous shopping center that has a toy store with several aisles, which makes it very easy for children to get lost.

When I entered the store, I heard a child screaming hysterically. I asked her for her name and she told me. I looked around but couldn't find anyone who might possibly be her mother. The girl resumed her hysterics and it was only after I took her by the hand and told her we were going to look for her Mommy that she stopped crying and walked happily by my side until her sister, searching for her, found her.

Just a short while later, the same thing was repeated with a little boy who was running up and down the aisles crying bitterly until his brother finally found him.

My point is that parents should bear in mind the safety of their children, who are not replaceable, rather than the goods, which are. Some people bring many children shopping and becoming engrossed, forget about the little ones, remembering about them when it is time to go home. This is irresponsible. Think of the child's emotions, about the trauma, of such a frightening situation. Secondly, anyone, with a few sweet words, could have taken the children by the hand — anywhere.

But that reassuring hand means a lot to a child. As soon as I told the girl that we were going to look for her Mommy, and as soon as she felt protected by my hand, she calmed down.

Many times, we are unable to help someone physically, but we can extend a figurative hand through a few sympathetic words of hope, a listening ear.

I heard of a wife who suffered from headaches. Whenever she reported them to her husband, he told her to go and take an Acamol. When she had a backache, he told her to go lie down and rest. Many times, pain is caused by stress and anxiety. A reassuring hand, kind words of hope and understanding, can be far more effective than medical remedies.


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