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The Redemption Haggadah
With Commentary of the Dubno Maggid, published in honor of his 200th yahrtzeit - 17 Teves, 5765

by S. Grossnass

Joy . . .

The excitement of witnessing the publication of The Redemption Haggadah will stay with me for the rest of my life. Nearly two years of hard slog finally paid off and boruch Hashem our fledgling tzedokoh campaign was blessed with a publication to be proud of, thanks to the expertise of Feldheim publishers.

The Yaacov Maggid of Dubno Fund first saw the light of day in 2001 with the aim of marking the 200th yahrtzeit of our ancestor the Dubno Maggid, beloved the world over. (Imagine, there is not even one street in Yerushalayim named after the Maggid of Dubno!) We had only just joyfully rediscovered our full family tree and determined that something had to be done to reclaim the burial grounds of our ancestors in Poland. This sparked off research amongst different branches of our family and we are constantly making new contacts.

At long last, there is a home address for the Maggid ztvk'l and although we know how unworthy we are of such a great honor, we constantly pray that our pleas and supplications to Hakodosh Boruch Hu will one day be answered.

Our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the eminent tzaddik of our time, HaRav Elyokim Schlesinger who, together with Chief Rabbi of Poland HaRav M. Shudrich and their Committees are tirelessly working for the reclamation of botei chaim in Europe.

. . . And Tears

Only in recent years are we learning about the fate of the last resting places of the great tzaddikim of World Jewry. From all walks of life we come to the realization that there are still great hurdles to overcome before the Polish authorities recognize that they need to release all of Jewish burial grounds — and not retain some of them for their own use.

One such tragedy is continuing to cause much anxiety: the individual burial place of the beloved Dubno Maggid Rabbi Yaacov Krantz ztvk'l is no longer identifiable in Zamosc, and we are indeed thankful to Hakodosh Boruch Hu that at least we have found the location of the burial ground itself. For years, the only memorial to the Jewish martyrs was a small mass grave and monument to the victims of the Second World War in a corner of the newer Jewish Burial ground (opened in 1907) at Prosta street in Zamosc. The rest of this burial ground has been rebuilt and part of it is a car park.

The ancient Jewish Burial Ground was concealed and only after searching museums and archives, did I manage to ascertain that the ground is at Partyzantow Street, formerly Levovska street and that part of it houses a cultural center and the rest is used as a recreation ground.

They say that there is no joy without tears and the great hurdle still lies in front of us. May Hakodosh Boruch Hu bless us with besoros tovos bimheiroh beyomeinu and penetrate the hardhearted officials of Zamosc and start a new era of cooperation with the Rabbinical committees representing the world Jewish Community.

We hope that our Haggadah, all proceeds of which will be put towards the work of reclamation of the two Jewish Burial Grounds in Zamosc, will give an aliyah to the holy Yiddishe neshomos of the former Jewish Zamosc and will be a forerunner of better news in the near future.

For further information contact: The Yaacov Maggid of Dubno Fund, POB 33628, London N16 6AW, email:


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