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The Many Sides of Life
by Risa Rotman

A half hour before Shabbos, Malkie Klein knew that there might be a serious problem. "There is nothing to be done about it now," she told herself. "This will have to wait until after Shabbos. Until then, Shabbos is Shabbos."

by A. Ross

How can one define privacy, and why is it so important to us? It is as if we were to draw an invisible line around ourselves or our belongings, and declare that this is our territory. Each individual is responsible for what occurs inside his own boundaries.

How our Reactions Influence Others
by C. Ofek

"Just as no one would leave his child an entire day without nourishment, warmth is a vital nutrient that our children need in the same measure"

The Top of the Sandwich

by Bayla Gimmel

My grandmother never complained. She was a firm believer that if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.

It's Clean Up Time!
by Dena Neuman

Most of us were trained as young children to know that one fact of life is: Keep Clean. If we didn't want to cooperate so much as we were growing up, we surely see the need as we run our own homes. It's hard for a family to function when there is garbage all over the house.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

A few clarifications. In a previous column I referred to zucchini and pea pods. I am sorry for forgetting about my British and Australian readers: zucchini in the UK is a courgette, and pea pods — also known as snow peas in the USA — are mangetouts.


Dodi Li
by C. D. Schwartz

How many times have I looked up in awe
At the sparkling night sky
Endless stars light up the night
In a symphony of light

You spread out the heavens like black velvet
and spread out diamonds with Your hands
While below You painted the billowing seas

And they all speak of Your grandeur
They all speak of Your majesty
They all speak of Your greatness
The greatness of Hashem

Who are we to deserve Your love?
For we are naught but dust
For what is the will of man
If in You we don't trust?

You fashioned us from earth and clay
And breathed in Your precious life
We are a tiny speck amid the infinite

Yet You gathered us before You
And brought us right up to Your throne
You crowned us with Your splendor
And made us all as one

The life You've given to us
Is such a special joy
To be a mother, a wife
And a friend to all in strife

You gave us the Torah — our guiding light
To lead us through all times
You gave us Tzaddikim to guide our way

And we'll all sing of Your grandeur
We'll all sing of Your majesty
We'll all sing of Your kindness
The kindness of Hashem

Little Child

Little child

Precious soul
I watch you as you sleep
I dream of what your life may hold
Praying as I weep
That you grow to love and revere Hashem
In fact, much more than I
and devote yourself with heart and soul
to a loving Torah life

Little child
Precious soul
I watch you as you sleep
I envision how your life unfolds
Praying as I weep —
That you respect and love your fellow
Pursuing peace as a dove
And Hashem will bless you manifold
With His blessings and His love

Little child
Precious soul
I watch you as you sleep
I wonder what your life may hold
Praying as I weep
That you never know sorrow or pain
and only through joy will grow
In the light of the Beis Hamikdosh
In the light of Moshiach's glow

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