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Rarest of Gifts

by Sara Gutfreund

True stories about real people

She grasps the side of the rough, grey rock that juts out of the cliff towering above her. Glancing back at her hiking partner, she can see that her friend regrets following her down this trail.

Bitochon vs. Hishtadlus

by Rebbetzin Nomi Travis


"I'm what people call an older single. I've tried varied forms of hishtadlus to find my zivug. My dear ones stress: "You have to make your hishtadlus, then trust in Hashem for the rest." I have heard this or something like it parroted countless times in regard to that fine balance between leaving things in the hands of Hashem and putting forth one's own effort.

Careful, He Bites
by Rochel Gill

The first time it happens, nobody makes too much fuss of the affair. In a fit of exuberance or excitement, the child sinks his teeth into another child's arm. Not only do they not make a fuss of the occurrence, if he is a first child, first grandson, anything he does is funny or clever or extraordinary. The sun rises and sets with the antics of this little fellow. However, next time he does it, nobody is in the least bit amused.

The Journey of Dr. Bounce
by V. L.

I was at my wits' end! My happy, confident two-year-old had turned into an anxious and manipulating boy!

We had considered ourselves very fortunate in being able to move our growing family from a cramped three-room flat to a larger apartment which even boasted a lovely garden. Yet the change had taken its toll on my little boy. He became frightened to be apart from me and was especially panicky whenever he was unable to find me in the maze of our new home.

An Appreciation of Igeress HaRamban
by Tovoh Younger

Today we live in such a competitive society, where everyone seems to have their abilities and 'assets' on display. We don't have to go into your home; we just get the address, and we know your status. Or we pass by and see the lawn, and other trimmings that give us a clear indication of what is inside. Maybe we see you drive by, and that vehicle of yours tips us off.

Raising the Dough
by Adina Hershberg

I find it difficult to ask people for money, but when it is for the sake of a mitzvah, then Hashem gives me the inner resources (no pun intended) to approach people for charity. For example, I was on a committee to organize an annual Chinese auction, whose proceeds go for helping out indigent brides.


Thank you for your newspaper which is both very interesting and informative.

I would like to comment on Baila Gimmel's excellent article "An Idea About Why" which appeared in the Parshas Va'aera edtion.


One Direct Line
by Chava

It had always boggled me
That despite advanced technology
So many problems are linked to poor communication.
Then after a particularly harried call,
Which really got me nowhere at all,
I was stunned by a sudden striking revelation.

For an appointment in the next city,
I thought it would be a pity,
To travel, minus important documentation.
So I dialed the number listed
And waited to be assisted
As to all the necessary information.

"Please press ONE for consultation,
Or TWO for cancellation,"
Announced the polite recorded female tone.
"If your party's extension is known,
Well, then press it after the tone,
Sorry — we don't carry out transactions over the phone."

"If with Benny you'd like to speak,
Or is it Karen or Ella whom you seek?
Then press the buttons THREE, FIVE or TEN.
If you're not sure as what to press,
And are finding it hard to guess,
Then it's Number NINE to return to the menu again."

Feeling confused and almost defeated,
I was relieved to be then greeted,
By an unrecorded pleasant female tone.
"G'morning, Ma'am, stay on Hold,"
"For how long?" I almost growled,
As classical music streamed through the phone.

After ten minutes, I gritted my teeth,
I was really beginning to seethe,
When Lynn, or was it Carol, returned on the line,
As I hastily voiced my request,
She interrupted again, no less,
"Wait, lady . . . I'll refer you to Carolyne."

Eventually, it was Sandra who informed me quick,
That I needed "Sima, but she's sick,
Please call tomorrow from One to Three, if you like."
When I phoned the next day,
I almost flipped to hear them say,
"Sorry, customers, today we're on strike."

Then it hit me that . . .

There's only one direct line,
That's open all the time,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are no detailed instructions,
Or need of long-winded introductions,
Just a cry — TATTY! Is all that He seeks.

Oh, how comforting and secure,
It feels to know for sure,
That Hashem is for us always there,
He hears our every request,
Supports us through each single test,
Holding our hand, with boundless love and care.

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