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UTJ Election Staff Launches Operations at Main Headquarters in Petach Tikva
Special Appeal to Mesorati Voters

By Tzvi Sofer and Y. Ariel

The United Torah Judaism Central Election Staff began operations at its offices in Petach Tikva's Kiryat Aryeh neighborhood as Knesset elections draw near. Staff heads were appointed and meetings were held to prepare for the setup of local and regional election bureaus opening around the country.

Following the first meeting held at the campaign headquarters, which was convened to organize election staffs and delineate campaign strategies, MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni led a meeting of the Election Day Staff, headed by MK Rabbi Meir Porush, to discuss the set up of election staffs across the country, taking into consideration lessons learned from previous election campaigns.

On Sunday, Central Election Staff Chairman MK Rabbi Avrohom Ravitz led a meeting of all bureau directors and section heads to set goals and work guidelines.

Rabbi Shmuel Halpert held a meeting of the Finance and Gatherings Staff, which he chairs.

At all of the meetings participants noted the reduction in campaign funding provided to all parties and a decision was reached to cut campaign funding by 30 percent compared to the previous elections. MKs said they did not want to take out loans, which could interfere with UTJ activities during the coming term.

With most of the national and local campaign staffs now manned field work is getting underway to maximize the number of UTJ voters in order to increase chareidi representation in the Knesset.

At an in-depth meeting at the new campaign headquarters in Petach Tikva's Kiryat Aryeh neighborhood, campaign staff members decided to place greater emphasis on reaching out to mesorati voters.

The participants, including UTJ's Knesset candidates and office holders, discussed various issues on the agenda at campaign bureaus around the country.

Participants were presented with campaign proposals aimed at the mesorati sector after an in-depth survey conducted by the Maager Mochot Institute found that the mesorati public is very concerned with issues related to the Jewish character of the State, namely education and Shabbos, which are UTJ's emphasis.

The campaign staff was shown several different slogans and campaigns prepared by a number of top advertising agencies vying for the UTJ campaign.

Based on consultations with media experts, a total of 14 first-round proposals were presented to the participants at the meeting, who were asked to rank the slogans. Five advanced to the final round.

The campaign budget, which was cut by 30 percent in accordance with the Party Funding Law, was also worked out during the course of the meeting.

All of the participants expressed their hopes that the entire chareidi public would unite in support of the joint list, which was backed by gedolei Yisroel shlita.

They also analyzed certain dangers and challenges stemming mainly from unforeseeable developments that could arise as a result of the dramatic changes in the entire political system.


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