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Beis Yaakov -
From a Tender Seedling to a Fruitful Tree

by Yehudit Golan


Its beginning was sad but in the end, it is flourishing — Beis Yaakov, whose beginnings were paved with the efforts and struggles of the few against the many. Few in number, few in resources but strong in belief and trust, strong in swimming against the current. We hope that it will continue to flourish and grow till all the daughters of Israel will learn only at schools like Beis Yaakov and as part of independent education.

Mind Your Voice
by A. Ross

Grandmother's remedy for a sore throat — Bubbemycin

by Tzippy Wolner

There is no experience in the world that can compare to the moment when a nurse places your crying newborn in your arms for the first time. The weeks after childbirth, though, can be, and usually are, a nightmare.

Urei Betuv Yerusholayim . . .
How to Run a Business

by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Jerusalem

Life sure is interesting here in Israel. As our Sages say, "Even the [mundane] conversations of the people who live in the Land of Israel are Torah" (Vayikra Rabba 34:7). Every day here in Israel is an education! There really is never a dull moment, if you keep your eyes and ears open.

How Our Reactions Influence Others
by C. Ofek

Part II

Warmth in the Torah — How I Loved Your Torah

When we invest in creating a warm atmosphere in the home, we have to put special emphasis on the Torah learning of the children: To make learning sweet for them. According to Rav Simcha Cohen, "Without doubt, part of the connection to or distance from learning is related to whether learning was made sweet for the children or they were forced to learn."

Inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, author of several books

Happy Thoughts

Happy events make us happy. Isn't this a simple idea? No, not at all. Happy events make for happy thoughts, and happy thoughts make us happy. We anticipate something special, something glorious, something exciting and funny, and we are happy. Conversely, we do not think thoughts that are sad, bad, scary, and we are not unhappy.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Sharon's condition has been in the daily news and there is a lot of confusion. I will take this opportunity to clarify what is going on.

HealthSense — Cutting Down on Sugar
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D

We recommend cutting down or eliminating sugar if you experience mood swings or fluctuating energy levels, suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or have frequent vaginal yeast infections.


So Much To Do, So Much to Learn
by Chava

So much to do
From where do I start?

Perel wrung her hands,
Feeling faint at heart

Four bedrooms to straighten
Ten loads to wash
I'll scour the stove
While dicing the squash

Sparkle the tiles
Shine windows with spray
Bake for Chinese Auction
In just one short day

Perel juggled and zoomed
Faster and faster
Spinning her way
Towards disaster

A glance at the clock
Quarter to one!
Soon kids will come tumbling,
HELP! I'm not even half done!

Hey, these shirts look queer
What's this? They're blue?
A navy sock in whites!
Oh, what did I do?

The sinks are reeking
Of Mr. Clean,
Don't say I sprayed plants
With my Windolene!

Perel grabbed the table as
The room gave a spin
Just then her eight kids
All came scooting in

Laughing and eager
To show Mommy their art,
Perel shook her head,
Too weary to take part

[after a lunch of scrambled egg sandwiches]

Mommy, come to the park!
I really should!
Take us to the zoo
You promised you would.

No time for those extras
I promised to bake
For N'shei's Chinese Auction
A five-layer cake

I'd better get cracking,
Sorry kids, gotta race

I'll pretend not to notice
Their sad, pouting face

Can't Mommy take us
To the beach, to the park
Make supper a picnic
And stay till it's dark?

And that afternoon,
Perel had to deliver
Something for the auction
And what she saw made her quiver

The Coordinator was snapping,
All frenzied, uptight
It gave Perel deja-vu
And gave her a fright!

Perel trudged home
Her eyes grown sad
Her face turned pensive
Was I also that bad?

Trading kids' laughter
For chocolate cream cakes
Taking no pride in their stories
Or kissing away their aches

Come kids, let's go
For an outing, straightaway,
With supper in the park,
A great way to end the day

But, Mommy, you've time
To walk out like this?
Tonight's Chinese Auction —
Are you going to miss?

Hmmm, then on the way back
We'll buy a five-layer cake
For that Chinese Auction
Who said I have to bake?

Perel giggled with her kids
She told them they were great
Is this really our Mommy?
She's just first rate!

They sniffed at the roses
Warmed in the sun
Talking and bonding
Having lots of fun

And ever since then
She yells less in frustration
Perel's priorities straightened
She's tailored her list of expectations

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