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The Minyon
by R. Mendel

It was a small shul with very few members. The regulars were only seven elderly men, and every day, the gabbai, Elimelech, had to go out to find three extra men to make up the minyon.

One Talk = Ten Years

[This was sent in by a reader, M. Baharan, in response to an article by Bayla Gimmel a while back. Its message is relevant for all times.]

Magic Thinking

Little Shmuelik was playing with his brothers and sisters on a farm near their holiday house during the summer vacation. It was just a short walk from the house where Mommy was taking a rest.

by A. Ross

Did you know that consumption of milk is reported to increase the risk of bone fractures?

Shouldering the Burden
by Bayla Gimmel

I once heard Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski tell a story about a patient in a mental hospital who refused to participate in any of the activities that were available to him. He wouldn't even join the other patients for meals. All day, he stood still in one position with his hands raised in an odd position.

The Summit at the End of the Climb

Imagine a mountain climber, struggling up the last sharp incline to reach the summit of Everest. His body is hot, because of the exertion of the climb, but he can't take off his coat because the air is well below freezing at that height. His heavy rucksack with his gear is cutting into his back, but he can't drop it because he needs it for the climb.

Going on Vacation
by Risa Rotman

This summer we weren't going on vacation. Up north it was raining katyushas. In fact, the Northern residents had an all- expense vacation to the south, courtesy of Hizballah. While they were grateful for accommodations offered, it seems that those Northern residents would have been happy to stay put in their own homes.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Your brain is a massive computer that has more storage and more ability than any machine ever made by man. While we do know which parts of the brain are responsible for various functions, comparatively speaking, we actually know very little about this important organ.

Straight Talk on Posture!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Humans stand and walk erect. But just how erect varies from person to person, sometimes dramatically. Most of us, with constant parental prodding, stood relatively straight during childhood. But gravity takes its toll as we age and many of us demonstrate a perceptible slouch by the time we reach middle age.


Cheshbon Hanefesh
by Yehudit Dolgin

When all is said and all is done,
And with the setting of the sun,
I scrutinize my intellect,
My misbehavior to correct,
To sort it through, and work it out,
THAT's what life is all about.

I try to see and understand,
To make my actions more than grand:
My strong points here, my downfalls, too,
I do it for my love of You,

To love Your creatures, that's my aim,
The point of the cheshbon hanefesh 'game,'
To perfect our deeds, to serve You well,
My intentions' truth to tell.

And when all is done and all is said,
I close my eyes, and go to bed.

[The Elul Countdown . . . ]

Days Go By

by Yehudit

Whatever You send my way — I'll take,
Because I love You for Your own sake,
At night I sing, at dawn I pray:
The setting for a newborn day.

Whatever I see — I'll sanctify,
I don't want life to pass me by,
You are my Savior, I long to please,
Be it difficult or with ease.

Whatever You ask — may I complete,
Though being human makes me weak,
But with Your help and mercy too,
I'll try to give my life to You!

Of my accomplishments, I just hope not —
Your Holy lessons, soon forgot,
May Divine assistance show the way,
At the closing of another day.

Open House

by Yocheved Bergman

A bird just hopped into my house
It didn't knock on the door
Didn't ask my permission
It just walked right in.

Once when we lived on Ground Floor
A mother cat decided to enter
She even chose our spare room
As the best place to deliver her quints!

My house seems to be a free-for-all
Come right in and feel at home.
But don't bother to ask me if I mind
That you just entered my private domain.

Did the yetzer hora knock on your door today?
Did he warn you of his arrival?
Or did he just appear without your approval
And then won you over as he extended his stay?

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