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Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Director, Emergency Services, Bikur Cholim Hospital

You are what you eat? To a certain extent. Eating too much of anything is not a solution to any problem, so I am against mega-this or mega-that diets. Low carbs? Low fat? Both are probably important, but hard to abide by. Key is to start early and to make them tasty. They will add vitamins and roughage, which will lower cancer. Vegetables are now said to be good for lowering pancreatic cancer — a disastrous cancer with few survivors of more than a year.

Here are some hints: Beets are very tasty if not overcooked. Green and yellow beans are also tasty, and they are good raw. (I suggest that you not call them wax or string beans. Who wants to eat wax or string?) Cauliflower and broccoli are great with a good sauce. Try a sweet-and-sour sauce or a good soy sauce. I love spinach. Onions that are fried? OK that is a no-no, but it makes them tasty. However, also boiling or steaming them cuts the hard taste, and I love a good onion and leek in chicken soup. Parsnips and carrots are great when boiled and in soup, and my kids like turnips in soup. Cabbage and lettuce can be used in Chinese cooking and some acquired tastes include Brussels sprouts — now available bug free in Israel — and parsley which has more vitamin C than an orange. Pea pods are crunchy, and sweet potatoes can be done in many ways to please most kids. Zucchini is very popular here in Israel and is very versatile.

Trans fatty acids are being reduced in the USA, but are still popular here in Israel under the name "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil." Hydrogenated vegetable oil is also a nightmare. Both cause indigestion and cancer. Your best bet is to leave the Bamba at the store and to make it yourself. I would guess that there is no way you can put as much oil on your popcorn, for example, as is put on by the store.

Eat well. This is good advice from day one. Write me in care of the Yated.

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