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A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

"Oh, hello . . . Bluma? . . . " The gentle voice behind me sounded vaguely familiar. I turned around, surprised. Who knew me here in the new housing project we'd just moved to?

End of Summer

by Sara Gutfreund

It was the last day of summer. Already Yael could feel a hint of cool air rising through the dawn. It had been a hard summer. Sholmo's father had been sick and the war had kept their trips short and their hearts heavy. And of course, Yitzy had driven her crazy throughout the endless vacation.

The Joy of the Blessing
by Esther Weil

Part IV

This time: Distribution of labor and the feeling of individuality within the big family.

We hear from Hadassa, Yaffi, Rochy, Rebbetzin Chana. Zissi and Yehudit, mothers and daughters of families blessed with many children. All the names are fictitious; no one agreed to be interviewed under their own names.

by Risa Rotman

In America, they call it `melting pot.' Here they call it Chulent.


Re: "Hidden Secrets" from Parshas Re'ei

I am very pleased that this publication has thought to open the debate regarding mental health disorders and medications. I believe strongly that Klall Yisroel is, unfortunately, decades behind the medical world in this area and it is high time to take this topic "out of the closet."

The Written Word
by R. Chadshai

The art of writing is in danger of becoming obsolete. Nevertheless, there are many occasions when a short note is a very useful channel of communication. Obviously, there is the ubiquitous email, but not yet everyone has access to it and furthermore, a written note may achieve its aim more readily.

Inspirational pieces by the author of inspirational works, Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz


We like wheels. Whether they are skateboards or sports cars, bikes or limousines, they attract our pleasure, our interest, our fascination. Why do they so appeal to us? One idea is that we enjoy the thought of small actions producing powerful reactions. Press your foot lightly on the gas, and your car surges forward, with muscle, with a roar.

Aging Healthier & Slower!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Aging has measurable effects on all body parts, including the heart, the bones, the mind — particularly if you don't take care of yourself. The aging process also affects the five senses. The ability to see and hear clearly and to taste and smell usually declines as people age. Sensory loss of any kind, if not corrected or minimized, can adversely affect your overall health and well-being.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Are you short? Many of our gedolim were not tall. The Chofetz Chaim and Reb Moshe Feinstein were just over five feet tall. This is proof that for our community, height is not a determinant of greatness. But still, that is sometimes no consolation for short people.


Gamla zu letovah

by Hinde Gordon

Tucked away amid mountains of exquisite beauty Gamla sits ancient and ruined A victim of the Roman wars.

Surrounded by beauty Remnants of homes, mikveh, beis medrash A place where people lived and worked Generations grew, came and went Remains of a kitchen and grinding stone Mothers cooking meals for children Fathers learning, praying The wondrous web of life.

And then the Romans came Many inhabitants fled Many inhabitants died Gamla died.

Centuries later it remains A place of beauty Peaceful, quiet Ruins among the mountains. A place to see but not to live.

Ordinary people lived in Gamla. What happened? What did they think when they saw the enemy? They were like us. What do we think when we see the enemy?

Who is the enemy? Where is the enemy?

Who are we? Where are we? Where have we been? Where are we going?

Right to the Core

by Chava

Imagine you're out strolling
In a magnificent garden of flowers
Breathtaking colors, velvet touch
In this wonderful world of ours

Stop a second and glance around
At the heady rainbow view
Breathe in deep and let the fragrance
Seep in through and through

Feel the grandeur, touch the beauty
Allow your soul to soar
Like a glass of vintange wine -
That heats right to the core


Your friend is making a simchah
Such joy, such happiness
Don't just wish her [lukewarm] blessings
Of good fortune and success

Stop a second, breathe in deep
Absorb the simchah, too!
Allow the euphoria that's swirling high
Seep right through to you

Touch her rapture, drink her joy
Let your soul just soar
Show your friend her simchah has
Thrilled you to the core

And if your friend's encountering
Hardship in her life
Hear her pain, give her your heart
Throughout her ache and strife

Feel her anguish, see the hurt
Let it touch your soul
She should know, experience, too,
That you're there for her in whole


Hashem should help, we should only see
Beautiful fragrant flowers
Know - He cares and feels with all
The pain and joy that's ours.

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