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I Am Making Shabbos

I am making Shabbos, peeling apples for an apple crumble and some fruit salad. Separating the eggs for some ice-cream, browning the turkey roll for a succulently herby Friday night treat. Oh! I am making Shabbos, changing the medley of raw ingredients in my shopping basket into Shabbos worthy tastes.

The Cinderella of the Illnesses

Getting along in school is never an easy matter. Think back on it. There's the schoolwork, the teachers, the other children in your class, the other children in the classes above you. In fact, it's really a wonder that most children seem to fare so well in such a complex house of potentially divided interests. With that in mind, have a ponder about this scenario . . .

But She Can't Be Fat
By Bayla Gimmel

There is an expression that goes something like, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." I am afraid that what I am about to share with you will put me squarely into the category of the confirmed foolish, but I feel it is so important a subject that I am willing to take that chance.

The Many Against the Few
Beis Yaakov -
From a Tender Seedling to a Fruitful Tree

by Yehudit Golan


The Temptation of Poalei Agudath Israel

After Ben Gurion announced in 5714 that there would be an annulment of the branches, the Beis Yaakov schools were left with a broken trough. The only option left to them was to join with the Mizrachi and enjoy the budgets or to remain an independent body and finance 40% of the expenses themselves.

Final installment of Soroh Glaser's autobiography, With All of Me

Thirteen months after arriving in the States, I received the daas Torah advice to return home! As the plane was approaching the Holy Land my heart started racing. I began to cry. I'm really coming home, I kept saying to myself. The sun was shining brightly. It was a long trip, twenty- eight hours from the time I left my son's home to when I was driven away from Ben Gurion Airport.

Judging Favorably
by Dena Neuman

It was Erev Shabbos, and I bravely pushed my stroller into the Kosher market. I needed a couple of items for Shabbos and I hoped to be in and out quickly. As I was reaching for some salad, I saw my four-year-old was no longer holding on to the stroller. I called out "Sara, Sara . . . " No response. Well, she is probably in the next aisle, I"ll just get this item, and I"ll see her.

Today I am a Man
by Elana Horwitz

"He's asking us if he should buy the tie. What should I tell him?"

My husband, exasperated, holds the phone out to me. Our very- soon-to-be-thirteen-year-old son is calling from the men's store in Bnei Brak. It's the third men's store he has visited today.

Inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, author or several inspirational works


Here is a wonderful resolution to bring benefit and blessing to our lives.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

A few more words on skin. Skin can get infected. While viruses do not seem to go to the skin too often, they can make rashes such as those in measles and mumps and German measles. A slapped-cheek appearance of the face can be the virus that causes fifth disease.


If Only
by Chava

"If only," thought Zehava in remorse,
Her heart choked with regret, and bursting,
"If only I hadn't held on so stubbornly -
To that silly grudge I was nursing.

Ten precious years, riddled with anger,
One whole decade wasted in vain,
Since that fateful day when I foolishly resolved
Not to speak to my dear friend again . . .

"Over an incident — so insignificant and petty,
I passed up a friendship worth gold,
Simmering in indignation and self-justice
I let the bond in our hearts grow cold."


"If only I'd just opened my mouth
And allowed the words to flow," moaned Faigy,
"If only I'd just lifted my hand
And not allowed my shyness to overtake me . . .
"I knew I had the answer to the question
That our teacher challenged us with in class,
But I just let the knowledge bubble inside me
As that opportunity of achievement slid past!"


"If only I'd listened then to the principal
When my child had a problem in school,
If only I hadn't let my pride blind me,
I now regret that I acted a fool."


So powerful are those two words "If only,"
They've been known to ache many a heart,
Simple words, yet piercing as an arrow,
They can often be avoided from the start.

So go ahead! Take the step. Take courage!
Don't fool yourself with "Why me? Or . . . maybe she?"
Get rid of all those rotting grievances,
You'll be the happier for it — you'll see!

Open your heart to your dear ones,
Tell them how much you love them, too.
How precious and priceless is their worth,
And thank them for all that they do.

Bestow that compliment, flash that smile, give a hug,
DO IT NOW! It'll warm you forever.
Make that phone call; take that advice; be forgiving.
Don't leave it for later, tomorrow or maybe — never.

And if you happen to be wracked with regret,
As you dwell on some past mistake,
Remember that we are all only human,
And some allowances we do have to make!

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