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Home and Family

Final installment of Soroh Glaser's autobiography, With All of Me

Thirteen months after arriving in the States, I received the daas Torah advice to return home! As the plane was approaching the Holy Land my heart started racing. I began to cry. I'm really coming home, I kept saying to myself. The sun was shining brightly. It was a long trip, twenty- eight hours from the time I left my son's home to when I was driven away from Ben Gurion Airport. I was exhausted, but I think my smile was every bit as bright as the sunshine, as my feet touched the ground.

I was greeted by a dear friend. Our first stop was to the Kosel where I cried my heart out to Hashem in gratitude for letting me come back, and requested His help for the future.

I never experienced jet lag! Perhaps it was because my joy was so intense.

I rented a street-level apartment that my friend found for me a few minutes walk away from her apartment, in Ramat Shlomo. It is on the very top street of this mountain, and has a breathtaking, panoramic view of Jerusalem. My live-in care- giver and I both enjoy our frequent walks and the delightful breezes.

I especially enjoy seeing the magnificent, ever-changing look of the sunsets Hashem gives us. I have no words to describe how beautiful they are. The sharp and subtle changes in colors, and their shapes as they enter, and then slowly fade from view, are truly breathtaking.

I have discovered, on these delightful excursions in the neighborhood, the seemingly endless variety, and yes, beauty of weeds! They grow everywhere, and each kind represents Hashem's artistry in shape, color, fragrance, and size. When the breeze stirs them it is like watching dancers moving and swaying, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully.

Furnishing my apartment, from scratch, especially while confined to a wheelchair, was quite an undertaking. In fact, it was almost overwhelming. But, Boruch Hashem, it got done. I have learned that one receives merit for setting up a home in Eretz Yisroel. I hope I will receive this merit twice!

I spent Rosh Hashonoh and Shabbos in my old neighborhood, Neve Yaacov. The warmth and affection with which my friends and former neighbors, and myself, greeted each other, was absolutely wonderful!

How can I adequately express how grateful I am to You for all Your blessings? They are more numerous than I can even imagine or be aware of. You provide this world with such great beauty and variety in the nature around us, in the food You give us, and the uniqueness of each human being with whom we share this planet. Most important, You give me continuing opportunities to grow closer to You.

I am feeling much better than I did when I arrived. I attribute this, partially, to my being so happy to be back, but mainly to Your loving kindness in allowing me to feel this way. I try to treat every day as a special gift, and not take life for granted. Every day is filled with the joy of living, loving You, and learning Your Torah, with study partners, in study groups, and by myself, so I can continue trying to "walk in Your ways." Boruch Hashem, my condition has been stable for more than a year. My doctor in Boston made it very clear that there is no way of knowing how long it will remain so. In 2003, when my son asked her how long she thought I had, she told him, "Maybe a year."

Shavuos, 2005, was celebrated just a week ago. I have been back in Jerusalem almost an entire year. Although I am no longer in as stable a condition, my heart overflows with thanks and gratitude for the countless gifts You have given me. I am working hard on loving You, not 25 or 50 or 75, but 100% of the time, and not with a little or a lot of me, but as when saying the Shema,



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