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Home and Family

Starting a New Week
by Raizel Foner

Walking with my son to his Gemora teacher's house on Motzei Shabbos, we passed the grand opening of the new Angel Bakery in our neighborhood. They were giving out free rolls and rugelach. And they were packed!

"Go after you learn, " I advised my son with motherly wisdom. He obliged. A wise, obedient son...

An hour and a half later the door flew open and Aaron stormed in. "There was nothing left," he scowled.

I was on the phone at the time with my sister. I didn't even have to tell her what happened since I had mentioned the first part before and this last part she heard, loud and clear.

"He feels cheated," she said with sisterly wisdom. And not being directly involved. "Go buy him something. Why should he miss out just because he listened to you?"

I, being who I am, especially with the financial limitations that I have, would normally have responded with, "We don't need that stuff, we have plenty in the house, nothing to get upset about!" With not necessarily any wisdom. But since my sister said...and he was definitely not in a good mood, not even a reasonable mood, I bowed my head to her wisdom and shouted, "Aaron, come on! Lets go to the store! "

We headed to the store with him grumbling. He kicked a stone, hands deep in his pocket.

In the store, I handed him a chocolate milk and then a bag of Bissli. At the next aisle I pushed a small bag of chocolate lentils into the curve of his arm since both his hands were full. "Anything you want Aaron, just name it! "

He was definitely in a state of shock, since this was so very out of the ordinary.

His response, with a grin, "Anything I want? I want to go to the cash register fast, before you change your mind!"

And so the grand opening of our week started with, thank G-d, lots of wisdom.


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