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Ramat Shlomo Awarded Prize for Appearance

by Betzalel Kahn

A special awards night was held at the Jerusalem Congress Center (Binyanei Ha'Uma) for residents active in a project sponsored by the community authorities to improve the city's appearance. The event marked the end of Neighborhood Volunteer Week during which all of Jerusalem's neighborhoods were evaluated by a special public committee that unanimously decided to award one of the leading prizes to Ramat Shlomo.

The neighborhood began to address the issue of improving its look one year ago with the publication of a special booklet called, "Hasevivoh Behalochoh," a compilation of chiddushim by neighborhood avreichim and rabbonim.

As an extension of this idea, Ramat Shlomo is currently holding a prize competition for halachic expositions by avreichim and yeshiva students on protecting public property, hilchos shecheinim, halachic aspects of preserving the local surroundings and related matters. Another awards ceremony is scheduled for Motzei Shabbos Bereishis 5766.

The community authority and local residents also took up the task of improving the neighborhood's appearance by gardening and tidying areas adjacent to playgrounds, tending to gardens, installing benches and organizing cleanup drives conducted by children and local residents. The crowning achievement was the setup of a central park in the heart of the neighborhood with the assistance of the local Kupat Cholim Meuchedet clinic.

After touring the neighborhood at length, the members of the prize committee made special note of an idea imported from the US by the community authority: painting playgrounds using special stencils that create a game-board effect on the ground. This project, also carried out on a volunteer basis by neighborhood residents with materials supplied by the community authority, helped convince the committee to award Ramat Shlomo the second-place prize.

When Community Authority Chairman Rabbi Gavriel Kossover and representatives of the volunteers were called forward to receive a certificate and prize from the mayor, Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky commended them for their efforts. Rabbi Kossover then thanked the Mayor for always standing by the neighborhood, saying that the volunteer project to improve the look of the city contributed greatly to residents' feeling of cooperation and nesiyoh be'ol as befits one of Jerusalem's model neighborhoods.


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