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A Very Special Case of Hachnosas Kallah

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The adoption was no secret! Nobody would have, anyway, believed that the sweet little Sephardi girl is the natural daughter of Family B, an Ashkenazi family.

When her parents divorced, Chani's father asked Mrs. B. if she'd be willing to adopt his 3 year-old daughter. Mrs. B. had pity on the young girl and happily took her in, despite the fact that she already had six children of her own (five years old and under at the time!). The size of their tiny apartment, consisting of one bedroom and one living room, did not faze her decision to help little Chani, nor did the fact that they would be receiving no financial help . . .

The B's happily managed in this two-room apartment for years — and only moved to their present 4 room apartment when they had twelve children.

Their seventeenth child is just over a year old!

Chani grew up in this wonderful family, an exceptionally well- balanced and good-natured girl. Now, at eighteen, Chani is a radiant kallah, engaged to an outstanding bochur — a true masmid with yiras Shomayim and fine middos. And he just happens to be her very own brother by adoption!

This exceptional chosson was already engaged and about to be married in the winter when the kallah's side broke off. Family B. was brokenhearted.

HaRav Chaim Kanievsky knows the family personally. When asked advice about Chani's future, he answered: "Marry her off. You have a son and she has yiras Shomayim!"

Thus did the adopted daughter become the future daughter-in- law.

Family B. now has a double simchah in their home and double expenses, too! Neither of Chani's biological parents can help her financially at all, which means that Rabbi B. and his wife are the sole mechutonim in this wedding. Living as they modestly and happily do on a kollel stipend, there is no way that Family B. can foot the cost of a complete wedding.

Rabbi and Mrs. B. rose to the occasion 14 years ago and now — it is our turn to help Chani.

The wedding date has been set for Monday, 11th of Tammuz, July 18th. All donations will be gratefully accepted. The father of the chosson and kalla is a talmid and chavrusa of HaRav Nissim Karelitz, who has kindly written a letter of endorsement. May Hashem bless those who gladden this couple — to always enjoy simchas in their own family. Tax Deductible Donations — In England (checks payable to Gainsborough Trust):

Mrs. R. Levison 10 Craven Walk, London N 16 6BT England

In Israel — Reb Zev (father of both Chosson and Kalla) c/o Hagaon R' Nissim Karelitz

Rechov Meir, Ramat Aharon, Bnei Brak

In the U.S. — Family Gottlieb, 24 E. 9th St. Lakewood, N.J. 08701


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