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by Sheindel Weinbach

These are difficult times for Jewry, for those living in Eretz Yisroel and hearing the daily toll of lives, snuffed out from this world forever, or those wounded - and for those who feel along with us from afar. And very often, it is the folks across the ocean who hear the bad news even before we do.

An Ounce of Prevention
by Batya Gimmel

Once, when I was living in Southern California, several women from my community took advantage of the fact that our youngsters were attending day camp and drove to Los Angeles to restock our dwindling supplies of kosher food.

Speculative Perspective on Some Everyday Issues
by Pennee Lauder

Just stop and think! Some of the things we see happening around us seem to be truly detrimental. Even though we know that everything comes from Hashem and therefore, is intrinsically good, still we often feel that in some situations, things like punishments, of which we should never know, are certainly good for the soul but nevertheless undesirable and even avoidable.

What a Miracle!
by Yisca Shimony

Kol dichfin... All you who are hungry... The traditional invitation which opens the Pesach seder...

Jerusalem of Yesteryear and its Free Kitchen -- A True Story

Cast a Favor...
a true story, some details changed, by Shira Shatzberg

Our story begins in the enormous city of grandeur, Vienna, where the Streit family had resided in prosperity for generations. Mr. Alfred Streit, an honorable Jewish businessman, lived in a spacious, modern apartment in the upper class section of town, along with his wife Francisca, and their three children.

Doing What You Have to Do

by R' Zvi Zobin

Yossi looked at his watch. Ten minutes 'til mincha. Quickly, he put the pungent baby on the table mat near the sink, whipped off its cotton pants and plastic underpants and threw them into the garbage bin. Then he unstuck the soiled diaper and threw it into the washing machine.

The Story
by N. Bar

Tova stifled a yawn which was threatening to escape, gathered the rest of the strength she didn't know she had, and crawled out of bed. The exhaustion of the last few sleepless nights, compounded by the overwhelmingly busy days, threatened to overwhelm her. It wasn't that she was worried about Tzippy; even the doctor had reassured her that the lack of sleep was due to teething.

You Think You're the Only One?

by R' Zvi Zobin

Him/her: I don't want to!

(1)You: But you have to...

Him/her: But I don't want to!

You: But I said you have to!

The Ten Plagues of Erev Pesach
by Menucha Fuchs

Pesach is such a wonderful festival -- especially when it is in the distant future and one hasn't begun to contemplate the actual preparations for it -- or at midnight on Seder night, when tired housewives and children grope their way with sleep-locked eyes to their respective beds.

Call to Patronize Dead Sea International Beach
by Betzalel Kahn

The Vaad HaRabbonim LeMa'an Shemiras HaShabbos has asked those needing the services of the Dead Sea mineral baths to patronize the new International Beach only.

Veho'Ish Moshe
Compiled by his Talmidim

The image and spirit of HaRav Moshe Soloveitchik zt"l still linger in the minds and hearts of his many students and disciples. This great man, his sterling character and personal integrity, his every word and action infused with sanctity, left a lasting impression on all. Perpetuating the heritage of his righteous forefathers, the dynasty of Brisk, the memory of Rav Moshe Soloveitchik, zt"l continues to inspire.

Mayim Shelonu: Preparing Water For Baking Matzoh
Written by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

The People Of Papunyah

Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5762. As the sun begins its descent below the horizon, a crowd gathers at Motza. A common goal unites them; they all hope to draw spring water at bein hashmoshos. When the hands of the watch testify that the time is coming closer, things start to bustle as people jockey for a position so that they can draw water at the exact time. The anticipated moment arrives and dusk is illuminated with the excitement of mitzvos.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Before we delve into the depths of the ocean to speak about bites from dwellers of the ocean floor, a couple of notes.

Poet's Corner

by Ruth Lewis

"Look at the full half
of your glass of water!"
we're always being told.
But it's ALL full.
With water, and, more precious still,
with air.
(We can't see it, but we know it's there.)

It's all one --
the water and the air.
oxygen, hydrogen,
differently arranged.

For that matter, the glass, too,
the table, chair,
the floors, walls, ceiling,
me --
all neutrons, protons,
whirling, swirling

let's look at life in its entirety,
what we have, and, more precious still,
what we lack.
All full, overflowing, and
all one.


by Tzippora Zien

It's not high in heaven, nor over the sea or the moon.
It wasn't last night and won't wait till tomorrow at noon.
It's not down the block, in the attic nor on the first floor,
Not with Grandma or Auntie and not with the neighbor next door.


If I open my eyes and my heart, I will certainly see,
That the challenge lies deep down inside,
and it seems to be -- me!

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