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Help Jerusalem's Poor!
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Jerusalem-based Ezrat Avot organization is reaching out to the international public on behalf of the elderly poor and impoverished families which it services. This year Ezrat Avot is embarking on a major Pesach food distribution project consisting of over 1,000 parcels. Much planning is needed as well as financial assistance from caring and generous donors. Each Pesach food package consists of a week's supply of matzoh, wine, chicken, eggs, sugar, vegetables and other food staples costing approximately 300 NIS ($65). We invite you to join us in this effort.

Rabbi Shlomo Gamliel zt"l founded Ezrat Avot when he was 106. Assisted by his granddaughter and current director, Naomi Sharabi, Rabbi Gamliel opened a soup kitchen in Nachalat Zvi, one of Jerusalem's oldest and poorest districts. In 1976 the soup kitchen became a center when the noted American author, Norman Cousins, donated the funds to purchase a building. Rabbi Gamliel continued to be involved in running Ezrat Avot until his passing at the age of 113.

Last year Ezrat Avot totally reconstructed its run down center transforming it into a modern, wheelchair accessible Senior Day Care Center, a home away from home. Generous donors throughout the world have made it possible to complete the exterior restoration, and funds have been earmarked for an elevator and synagogue. Yet money to refurbish the interior is sorely lacking. Naomi Sharabi reflects sadly: "For more than 20 years the center has been the one bright spot in their lives. Our elderly must have a warm and comfortable haven where they can receive a hot meal daily."

The Ezrat Avot Senior Center is a community-based facility funded entirely by private donations. It provides free daily meals, clothing, laundry services, and a range of cultural, social and religious programs. Its dedicated assistants deliver hot meals to the homebound, and clean homes. Ezrat Avot organizes a free summer day camp program for needy neighborhood children.

Other Ezrat Avot programs are the Living Connection and the Caring Care Givers. The Living Connection is already in operation. It is an intergenerational program designed to increase awareness of senior citizens among school-aged children in Israel. This project has been recently approved for a partial grant from the U.J.A of New York. The Caring Care Givers is a food and visitation program designed to remunerate independent seniors for services rendered to their homebound peers.

The Ezrat Avot Senior Day Care Center is home to many old and lonely people who deserve society's grace and compassion in their waning years. Ezrat Avot calls upon the world community to fulfill Rabbi Gamliel's legacy. Help us to help our elders and be mindful of the moving words in the Psalms: "Al tashlicheini le'eis zikna."

Please make contributions for Building Campaign or Pesach Food Parcels payable to Ezrat Avot, at one of the following address:

Ezrat Avot P.O.B 5603 Jerusalem 91056 Israel

For Credit Card Donations or inquiries please call Ezrat Avot at 972 2 582 5107 or 5829984 Fax # 972 2 532 2226 email

All contributions are tax deductible: Israeli Tax Exemption #550044416; U.S. Tax #11-3113560


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