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Roshei Yeshiva Emphasize Obligation to Strengthen Torah Study

In the wake of the call of HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, the country's roshei yeshiva have aroused the Torah community to take vital measures to strengthen Torah study.

In a letter sent last week to all roshei yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz wrote, "Due to the very serious situation prevailing in Eretz Yisroel and the fact that Jewish blood is being spilled like water in cities throughout the country, we are obligated to implement Chazal's call to cry out and shout to the Borei Olom and strengthen ourselves in Torah study. This obligation coincides with Chazal's commentary (Bava Basra 7b-8b) on the verse: `Ani kechomoh, veshodai kamigdalos,' which states that "`ani kechomoh' refers to Knesses Yisroel and `veshodai kamigdalos' refers to the synagogues and botei medrash, the places of tefilloh and Torah study, which affirm that there is hope that Hashem will accept our prayers and protect us."

In his letter, HaRav Lefkowitz notes that as a result of this call, a number of roshei yeshiva have decided to strengthen the matter of zmanim in the yeshivos. This means that the yeshivos must ensure that the winter zman lasts until rosh chodesh Nisan, while beginning of the summer zman should not be postponed to Sunday, the 2nd of Iyar, as is the usual practice. Instead, efforts should be made that the students return to the yeshivos on the 28th of Nisan, and not delay the beginning of the zman until after Shabbos.

All of the roshei yeshiva and many roshei kollel have agreed to this call, enabling the summer zman to begin on time, so that by erev rosh chodesh Iyar, all students will be engrossed in their learning.

As a result of HaRav Lefkowitz's letter, roshei yeshiva and roshei kollel throughout the country have been inspired to take additional measures to strengthen Torah study.


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