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HaRav Eliezer Kahanov zt"l
by Betzalel Kahn

On Friday 2 Nisan, the aron of HaRav Eliezer Kahanov zt"l was brought to Eretz Yisroel. He was the rosh yeshiva of Torah Vodaas in New York, and one of America's most prominent halachic authorities. He was buried in Yerushalayim.

HaRav Kahanov arrived in the United States when he was seven, and studied in Torah Vodaas under his father HaRav Uri Meir, one of the roshei yeshiva of Torah Vodaas and the rov of Williamsburg, as well as under HaRav Shlomo Heiman, the niftar's rav muvhak.

When he was young, his roshei yeshiva appointed him to the position of ram in the yeshiva. He remained in Torah Vodaas for sixty years, and during recent years delivered shiurim to members of the kollel studying horo'oh and guided them in practical halocho.

He was an unusual shakdan and remained in Torah's tents his entire life, personifying the zoken veyoshev beyeshiva. He had a phenomenal memory and possessed extensive Torah knowledge, which was at his fingertips. He delivered shiurim on a broad range of subjects with amazing clarity, while quoting many sources in a flowing manner.

HaRav Kahanov was very close to the gedolei haTorah in the United States, among them HaRav Aharon Kotler and HaRav Moshe Feinstein. At their request, he waged Torah Jewry's battles against the Reform and other heretical movements. Immediately after these efforts, he would return to his Torah studies, fulfilling the verse, "Mi yilchom milchamto, veyoshuv leshe'orim."

He was very prolific and left behind many Torah works, among them Mishmeres Kohanim on Kiddushin, Toras Hashevi'is uPri Ho'oretz, and a collection of shutim called Zichron Betzalel which appeared in three volumes and is highly esteemed by the Torah world.

He visited Eretz Yisroel many times, where he imbibed the teachings of the Griz of Brisk, the gaavad of Tchebin, HaRav Tzvi Pesach Frank and the Griz Minzeberg. Many of the halachic discussions he conducted with them are included in his seforim.

Maran HaRav Elozor Menachem Man Shach zt'l was very fond of him.

He is survived by his son, HaRav Eliyahu Kahanov, rosh kollel Imrei Kohen of Flatbush, and daughters who are married to HaRav Yechezkel Tarblov, HaRav Eliezer Pesach Milstein, HaRav Yisroel Yehuda Rottenberg and HaRav Shimon Braverman.


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