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Home and Family
Helpful Hints
by Rifca Goldberg

Part II

10) Do you lose your lists? Try writing things down on the calendar, which should be hung on a wall, near the phone. If it gets too full, you can delete the already accomplished errands with either white-out or small white stickers. I have an additional piece of paper taped to the bottom of my calendar, where I write down things that need to be done but don't really have a deadline. Then when the kids are playing nicely or when they go to the park together and I suddenly find myself with a free half hour, I look at the list, (usually telling myself, "Oh, yeah! I forgot that!") and get to work.

11) A good way to always have water to add to your nagelvasser cup by your bed (in case it gets knocked over or used up in the middle of the night) is to keep a closed bottle of water in the corner of the room. I use an old Coke bottle which fits right into one of my boots, which I have behind my door.

12) Try putting a large rubber band around the outer edge of your garbage bag once it's in the garbage can. The rubber band helps keep the bag from slipping into the can, and can stay on the can for the next use.

13) To get small change for carfare/ kids' school needs or whatever, try that tzedoka collector who comes to the door. He might just appreciate a bill instead of all that heavy change he's collected -- even more than your own small money donation. When I hand a lady a twenty shekel note and ask for whatever small change she has, you should see the smile she gives me.

14) Did one of the kids lose your place in that great new book you were reading? A really good place marker is a rubber band. It doesn't fall out, so you never lose your place. It's also great for reading in the park or copying a recipe.

15) When delivering bar mitzva invitations to my neighbors, I noticed that some of the mailboxes were broken. For those who weren't home, I decided not to slip the invitation under the door for fear of tiny fingers never allowing it to reach the parents. So I TAPED the invitations with scotch tape to the outside of the door, up high.

16) Have you ever been awakened from a delicious Shabbos nap by someone knocking on the front door? Well, with a small nail near the top of the outside of my front door, I hang a sleeping sign (I used bristol- made before Shabbos) or I put a cord through the sign which can be slung over the door altogether. Works well during the week, too! But don't forget to remove it or turn it over when you wake up. Have a nice shluff!

[Keep a pair of spare eyeglasses very handy -- so you can look for the regular ones when they've been misplaced.

I am sitting by my computer and I'm cold. I filled a hot water bottle halfway and put it on my knees. What a difference! Also good as a bed warmer, also for kids.

A clothes-pin on the `spout' of your milk bag will prevent fridge spills.]


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