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Thank You for the Torah

Thank you Hashem.

We thank you Hashem for Mattan Torah on that first Shavuos, for bringing us to the foot of Mount Sinai where we were truly one, "as one man with one heart." We are grateful for the unforgettable experience that day -- when the whole creation received the first two Commandments directly -- which all of us, who were immediately present in spirit, recall at least subliminally to this day and forever.

Shavuos -- Showing Hashem's Love for Us
by Rabbi Yosef Levinson

Every yom tov has its own special message. Pesach is zeman cheiruseinu, the season of our freedom; we focus on true freedom -- mastery over our yetzer hora. On Rosh Hashanah, the anniversary of the creation of mankind, we focus on establishing Hashem as King, just as Odom Horishon crowned Him on that first Rosh Hashanah. Succos, zeman simchoseinu, is the time that we channel our joy to serve our Creator.

The Seven Days Of Shavuos: Understanding Isru Chag and Yemei Tashlumin
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Aliyah Leregel

In the times of the Beis Hamikdosh the entire Jewish nation would journey to Yerushalayim to celebrate yom tov in the Beis Hamikdosh. Now one can only try and visualize this extraordinary scenario, and wonder how so many people could possibly be contained within the walls of one building. Our Sages add to our amazement when they revealed to us that despite the vast multitude, there was plenty of space for each one to bow down comfortably (Mishnah Ovos 5,7). In physical terms this is completely inconceivable, for bending down takes up more room then standing upright.

Identified Call
by Yochonon Dovid

The shmuess with the group of new students in the yeshiva came to its conclusion. The boys left the room and went back to the main study hall. Only Yaron seemed to be lingering and it was obvious that he wished to be alone with the Rov. Yaron had progressed slowly as far as integrating into the yeshiva world, but he was a talented boy who was determined to understand everything fundamentally.

Recognize Hashem's Hand in History

To The Editor:

During the Gulf War the world witnessed 39 Iraqi Scud missiles landing in Israel, destroying 1,500 homes, but failing to cause serious numbers of casualties, possibly as few as one person being killed directly by falling masonry; the Israel Defense Force took no part in the fighting.

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