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Chok Uzman on the Laws of Taharas HaBayis
by HaRav Avrohom Bleich
Reviewed by Yated Ne'eman Staff

There is great joy in Klal Yisroel with the appearance of the long awaited sefer Chok Uzman on the laws of taharas habayis, a Hebrew sefer which affords us much benefit, and the only one of its kind. Both for experts in halocho -- dayonim and Rabbonim -- and for laymen who want to discover what the poskim of our generation have to say about practical halocho in this area, this sefer will come in very handy.

Why do I need another sefer on these halochos? In most of the known seforim, the more complicated halochos, or those that are in doubt for any reason, are not decided clearly, but are left with something like "ask your local rabbi."

It is mainly in these issues that the author has come to our aid. HaRav Bleich "asked the rabbonim" for us, and returned with clear answers from the poskim of our times in Eretz Yisroel and Chutz La'aretz, thereby complementing the halocho seforim of our times.

Besides those piskei halocho which the author brings from the printed word of gedolei Yisroel -- in their own responsa and in others' seforim -- he also managed to collect another 600 new halachic decisions from contemporary poskim which have yet to been printed anywhere, including a new teshuva from a manuscript of HaRav Y.S. Eliashiv. Also included are more than 60 decisions from the Debretziner Rov zt"l (author of Shut Be'er Moshe) which are printed here for the first time.

Learning from the sefer is a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Every single page is filled with new and interesting halochos. The sefer is written in extraordinarily clear language and style, so that the unexperienced layman can also derive much benefit and satisfaction from it. The style of the pages is set up in a clear and practical manner, with the clear and final halachic decisions on top, while sources, explanations and commentary appear underneath. At the conclusion of each footnote, the word Ulema'aseh appears in bold type, following which the reader will find the various opinions of contemporary poskim.

Let's not forget to mention that the sefer is graced by the haskomos of the great poskim of our time. For example, in his haskomo, HaRav Shmuel Wosner says: "Clarifies and discusses halochos very meticulously, especially the more common ones. Some things he brings from the halachic opinions of gedolei horo'oh, others he discusses on his own in the proper Torah way, with straightness and clear understanding. Many will derive pleasure from his Torah, and it will be a source of benefit to the general public, both to rabbonim and to students."

HaRav Yechezkel Roth writes: "The work of a wondrous craftsman, both in the arrangement of the halachic questions, as in the collection of the pertinent halachic clarifications. It will be of great benefit to those who seek the proper path to follow and the actions to perform. It is therefore fitting that it should be printed and spread throughout the world."

The sefer also has enthusiastic approbations from HaRav C. P. Scheinberg, HaRav Efraim Greenblatt (Shut Rivevos Efrayim, Memphis), HaRav A. Y. Ullman (member Badatz Eida Chareidis Yerushalayim), HaRav Yisroel Belsky, and others.


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