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In reply to a letter some time ago, "Why aren't there any good shadchonim around?", we received the following:

Portrait of a Torah Pioneer -- Mrs. Rivka Meisels, Cleveland, Ohio

Many of the readers may have known or heard of Mrs. Rivka Meisels, a pioneer in the Jewish sense of the word, a woman who made a tremendous impact upon a budding Jewish community and helped mold it into the Torah community that it is today. Those who didn't will surely take much inspiration from the shining example she set, as depicted in a comprehensive hesped written by Mrs. E. Einstadter, and excerpted here.

A Great Man

Pinchos got out of bed that morning even more reluctantly than usual. It was bad enough that he had lost his father less than a month ago, just before his bar mitzva. The additional pressure of finding an omud each morning was a constant burden on him which he knew would continue for almost a year. He could not involve his mother; she had enough to worry about at the moment. Whenever he thought he had a place to daven, someone would come and claim that he had priority, either a yahrzeit or that he, himself, was also an ovel.

by A. Ross, M.Ed.

Now that the hay fever season is beginning, sufferers once again realize that they have an allergy to pollen. Everyone has come into contact with someone who has some kind of an allergy. Children break out in hives or eczema; they may have swollen, puffy eyes or have difficulty breathing. The doctor might diagnose an asthma attack, and tell worried parents that the child will outgrow it. This depends on the antigen to which the child is allergic.

Me and Garlic
by Yaffa Shepsel

The first time I ever cognizantly saw a garlic clove was in my first year of marriage. In my Yekkishe parents' home, it was nonexistent, and I don't even think it earned mention, to say nothing of `honorable.' Garlic, with all it entailed, was simply not eaten by `civilized,' that is, Westernized, people. And my mother was a great cook, but she relied on onions (rarely raw) rather than on we-don't-mention- it.

Green Beans Under Pressure
by M. Steinberg

The recipe for green beans, which I prepared for our son's sheva brochos cum Purim Seuda, is really quite ordinary. The circumstances under which I was cooking were totally out of the ordinary.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Occasionally you need a test not available at your local branch. X-rays may have you sent to some radiology suite. You pay the taxi and you get the films, but a radiologist may only read them much later in the week. Need a CT, ultrasound or stress test? Again, the Kupot still make deals with private places -- they however aren't excited about taking patients from the Kupot, as they are paid globally anyhow. Consequently, the wait for a test can be weeks to a month.

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